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The electricity consumption and power supply of Guangzhou whole society have exceeded 10 billion kilowatts

  It has become the 6th supply of domestic and electricity. It has been infined from the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. On December 12, Guangzhou’s total power supply, power supply has exceeded 10 billion kWh. It is expected that the power supply of the whole society will reach 104.7 billion kilowatts this year, the year-on-year electricity is expected to reach 112 billion kWh, the year-on-year increase.

Guangzhou has also become the 6th supplied electricity consumption in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongqing and Shenzhen. Since this year, Guangzhou City’s overall development and control and economic and social development work have continued to appear. Through the analysis of electricity data, it is possible to further see that the Guangzhou economic structure is getting more and more perfect, and the economic development has continued to increase. According to statistics, the secondary industry is electricity billion kilowatts, which increased year-on-year (growth in 2019), including information electronics and automobile manufacturing have been Guangzhou pillar industry, maintained rapid growth.

When the electricity industry, the electricity industry is 100 million, the year-on-year increase is the year-on-year increase in 2019, which is maintained rapidly.

  At the same time, Guangzhou’s continuous optimization of electric merchants, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Innovation launched "four doctors" (proceedings, online office, joint office, one office) service initiative, focusing on high-voltage users to run electric pain, become a national " The benchmark for power "Three Province" services.

Since 2015, it has been accumulated that the user’s electricity cost is about 5.8 billion yuan.

Guangzhou power supply service has received the first place in Guangzhou’s social situation in 20 consecutive years.

  During "13th Five-Year Plan", Guangzhou Power Grid completed investment than about 37% higher than "12th Five-Year Plan", 63 new 110 kV and above substation, added 110 kV and above transmission lines 1728 kilometers.

500 kV Kunlong DC project Guangdong received a communication supporting project (Guangzhou section), the number of preferential projects such as the double change order, the middle-channel DC back, Haizhu Station, Qihai Station, Copei Station and other major projects Breakthrough progress, the support of the grid is continuously enhanced.

  According to reports, in 2020, Guangzhou, each time, can support GDP Super Yuan. The average power-on time of Guangzhou full caliber users is less than 40 minutes, and it has entered the world’s first-class race.

The average power outage time of urban users is less than 20 minutes, enters the world’s leading ranks, so that the public does not have a power outage.

  The reporter learned that the "14th Five-Year Plan" Guangzhou Power Grid will further strengthen the safety and reliability of electricity, combined with the power supply capacity of Guangzhou region, from new transmission and substation engineering, adjust the line load project, user demand side adjustment line engineering, etc. Promote key construction projects to construct strong grid grid.

It is expected that at the end of 2025, Guangzhou Power Grid will add 4 500 kV substation, 24 220 kV substations, and 65 110 kV substation.

Guangzhou electricity supply capacity will continue to increase, helping Guangzhou to continue to enhance investment attraction.

Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Ma Can, correspondent Wang Ying report.