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Eight notes in the workplace

Eight notes in the workplace

1.Don’t confuse your work with your personal life.

If you have to deal with personal matters at work, stay until lunchtime and don’t arrange for friends to visit you in your office while you work.

  2.Don’t abuse what you have the right to use.

For example, fax machines, letterhead and other office supplies.

Your expense account is for office expenses only, not for household and personal expenses.

Don’t bring all emotions into the office.

Especially when you are in a bad mood, you can’t control and conflict with others.

Everyone has bad moods, but it’s permanent in the office.

  4.Don’t bring vulgar words into the office.

  5.Don’t cry, yell or do anything emotional in the office.

If you can’t help sorrow, close the door and leave the office or go to a temporary place, and wait until the mood is better.

If you can’t control your anger, take this approach, take a deep breath or do something else to relax.

  6.Don’t break into someone’s office without saying hello.

Call or meet face to face.

It is impolite to interrupt someone’s personality, hoping that he can stop and pay attention to himself.

  7.Don’t reject, grumble or tell stories that shouldn’t be told.

  8.Don’t mess up the office.

Hurry up and sort out what you can do before you get off work every day, or at least put aside the work that you want to put aside.