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Spring recipe for 5 kinds of obesity

Spring recipe for 5 kinds of obesity

Chinese medicine weight loss uses the principle of dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, starting from adjusting endocrine, adjusting the neurological and endocrine functions of obese people.

Although traditional Chinese medicine weight loss is a safe and non-toxic side-effect method of weight loss, it also requires the right medicine.

Look at the spring recipe for serious obesity in spring.

  1, fatigue-type obesity typical obese people due to “energy” (in short, life energy) is insufficient, resulting in decreased digestive function, abnormal metabolism, loss of appetite, not eating properly but the possibility of eating snacks.

  Symptoms: Extremely easy to fatigue; sweating, panting when moving; fear of cold love cold; less frequent urination; swollen eye bubbles.

  Chinese medicine recipe: Xiangsha Liuzi soup.

It has the effect of restoring “energy”, improving the function of the digestive organs and making the body metabolize normally.

It can burn and expel the expected substances accumulated in the body to achieve the effect of losing weight.

  2, anemia-type obesity is called “blood deficiency obesity.”

Due to insufficient blood in the body, the body’s basic function declines, abnormal metabolism occurs, and eventually leads to obesity.

  Symptoms: The appetite is normal, but the lower abdomen is full and prominent, but the hands and feet are thin but the body is fat, it is “stealing fat.”

  Chinese medicine recipe: The convenient prescription is Siwutang and Xiaojiantang, which have blood-supplying effects.

  3, edema-type obese slimming men and women are also known as “wet and intrinsic obesity”, hips and thighs edema, also known as “lower body fat” people.

This is due to the poor drainage function of the body, and the excess water is accumulated in the body.

  Symptoms: appetite is general, but hands and feet are weak; do not like exercise; after eating, the body is soft and wants to lie down; the mouth is sticky; the urine is unreasonable; the bad stomach is easy; the eyes are swollen in the morning.

  Chinese medicine recipe: such obese people can take Fengfengtongsheng and stomach soup.

Diuretic, the role of weight loss.

  4, stress-type obesity caused by stress caused by obesity is also known as “hepatic stomach depression and obesity.”

Excessive pressure of the liver (the “liver” of traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to the liver function of Western medicine, as well as the function of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, motor nervous system) decline.

It even affects the stomach, makes the stomach hot, and the appetite is extremely strong.

  Symptoms: This type of person, when the mood is irritated, there will be symptoms such as strong appetite, headache, and congestion of the eyes.

Some girls, when they are stressed and annoyed, eat sweets, which is typical of this type of person.

  Chinese medicine recipe: This type of obese person can take Da Chai Hu Tang.

These drugs have an overreaction to suppress stress, eliminate irritability, and inhibit the abnormal excitability of the digestive organs.

  5, overeating and obesity as the name suggests, this kind of person is the kind of “big diners” with strong appetite.

Such a person can temporarily slim down if they can force a diet, but once they can’t control their appetite, they will bounce back and are likely to be fatter than before.

  Symptoms: The common problem of “overeating” is that there is fire.

  Chinese medicine recipe: people with obesity can take anti-