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Xiao Fan shook his head。

Qiao Anan took a sip of wine,Said:“Since my mother passed away,I have been working hard,Work hard to become better,Mother said I look a lot like her,So I hope that one day I can stand on the top of the crowd,So that man can see me,Can go and see my mother。
But the higher the climb,Not only did I fail to let that man see me,Instead, I discovered the power of the Qiao family,I used to think that one day I could stand in front of them,Let them repent of their mistakes,It’s really ridiculous to think about it now,The Qiao family is simply an existence that cannot be offended,Why should I ask them to admit their faults to my mother and me。”
Smiled bitterly after talking,Said:“OK,No more,We drink。”
Before drinking,Xiao Fan said:“rest assured,One day your two wishes will come true。”
Qiao Anan thought Xiao Fan was comforting her,Just smiled,Did not respond to him。
The other side,Qiao Shan, whose arm was broken, after leaving the bar,I drove directly to the hospital to deal with the injuries of myself and a few of his subordinates urgently。
Looking at my bandaged arm like a zongzi,Qiao Shan’s anger has nowhere to vent。
He grew up,I’ve never been so aggrieved like today,No matter at home,Good outside,As long as he reveals his name, Qiao Shan,No one dares not give him face yet。
But today Qiao An’an and that wild man,Not only doesn’t give him face,Instead he hurt him and his men so badly。
If this hatred is not reported to him, it will not be Qiao Shan。
Open the phone’s address book with one hand,Find a person’s name——Wang Mingyang。
Look at the name,Qiao Shan sneered,Qiao Anan,Brat,See if I won’t kill you two this time。
Wang Mingyang:The leader of the biggest gang in East China, the wolf gang,Be cruel,Very heartless,Since debut,Famous for being hot,So not long after debut,The mad wolf gang he led stands out from the many gangs in Yunshi,And quickly expanded to become the largest gang in East China。
The reason why Qiao Shan has Wang Mingyang’s contact information,It’s all because every big family will have some business that is not up to the table,So over time,Their major families have an inseparable relationship with the gangs in these gray areas。
mutual benefit,Common profit。