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The final begins,Full of seats。

Everyone wants to know,This year’s seed contest,Who will end up?,It is the honor and success of the giants of Ning’s palace,Or the Aoki team from the civilian team suddenly emerged,Become the biggest dark horse this year?
To know,In previous seed contests,There has never been a team from the private sector that has won a championship。
Those civilian teams,Their highest request is just to squeeze into the top ten,And then waiting for the selection of the rich,Make a good head,A cavity of blood,Sell with the emperor’s house。
All the seed masters of Prince Ning’s Mansion are off,Four people in total,All of them are better than Huang Shaotian six months ago,Unfortunately, in front of Wu Hao,Still far from enough。
Before I actually started,There are already many people secretly counting,Wu Hao’s personal strength,Has definitely surpassed all the seeded players in this year。
exactly,He is stronger than all the players who have played in the previous seed competitions。
From the point-to-point match between him and Princess Huanhai,Many masters have seen some traces。
If there is no Wuhao from Bairimen,,Princess Fantasy Sea is undoubtedly the strongest in this year。
Although both of them have reservations in the fight,But Wu Hao is obviously more unfathomable,Some people even suspect,Wuhao’s true combat power,It should be between level 42 and level 43。
“We choose teamfight!”The captain of the Ning Palace Seed Team,Take one step forward,Said to the conference jury。
Both sides of the final,Qualified to choose the form of the duel,And these people from Ning Palace,Obviously it has been discussed,They choose the way of teamfight,I just don’t want to face Wu Hao one-on-one,And the drag of peers,May be an important opportunity to defeat Wuhao。
after all,The few people around him,Are not absolutely powerful,Especially that Liu Wenzhang,After playing,It’s a drag。