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It’s really time,Everything in the abyss will be vanished,Diversion of underground river,Lop Nur returned to the land of death,Everyone here will die without a burial place。

and so,It asked Gan Yifan to find six people from Ning Bei Zhi。
In its eyes,Whether it’s Ningbei Zhi or Li Dachuan,Even four Taoist priests,Actually still relatively weak,But the victory is that the power is very different,And full of vitality。Especially Ningbei Zhi,Mental strength……Which is what Gu Xiu called divine consciousness,It can reach the middle-class level of ancient cultivation school。
And these,It’s exactly what you need to stabilize the formation。
soon,Gan Yifan and four veterans are here。
If the pot underneath fascinates the four veterans,Then this giant ding will only make them obsessed。
Just floating on the jade terrace,The four veterans saw the giant tripod,Can’t look away anymore,Even Taoist Ziyun, who is good at making talisman and using talisman, did not pay attention to the countless talismans on the edge of the jade platform.。They didn’t even stop,Swim directly to Juding。
“Leaving Yutai。”Gan Yifan falls behind,Just came up right now,Just entered the range of Yutai,The sound of a monster suddenly rang in my head,Weak but very fast。
Gan Yifan quickly returned。
at the same time,Yutai Vibration,Light up the whole。Ning Beizhi and Li Dachuan both felt confused,The body is not under their control,Float,Approaching Juding。
Sound of water,A slow vortex is formed with the giant ding as the center,The six are like puppets,Floating with the current,One circle after another, gradually drifting to the center of the whirlpool,Above the Great Ding。
This is a spectacle,Very beautiful,Also very weird。
Gan Yifan watched this scene,Can’t help but take a deep breath,And sucked in a big mouthful of water……