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Lu Haozheng bowed,Looking at her:“Blue,Here I bought it.,I will come back later.,It’s also very close to the Yangtze River.。”

Blue Xin looked at him,Laugh:“Buy so many real estate?”
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Have so much real estate,Let’s go, you don’t have to rely on your child.,Can also have good。”
“hehe……”Blue Xin was amused by his words.:“You are a few years old.?Just thinking。”
But there is such an idea is good,The child’s life is very pressure,Many parents think for children,Will I want to go out in advance。
But,His conditions,Is it like this??And her three children are very filial.。
“hehe……”Lu Haocheng laughed:“Wife,You said,Let me save,I use money to buy a house and shop.,These are also investment,Let’s go to the world in the future.。”
He wants to take her to see it.,Leave their footprints every place。
“it is good!I listen to you.。”Blue Xin happy laugh,No matter what time,He can make her feel a strong happiness。
Lu Haozheng pushed her to the villa。
“Blue,Let’s go in and take a break.,Then eat something,At the afternoon, come over and see the sunset.。”
“it is good!”Blue Xin looked at the beautiful scenery,The setting of the setting here must be beautiful,The bottom is a strong joy.。
Enter the villa,Not a gloomy of Blue Xin imagination,But with nature is generally intimate design,Easy wooden style,Background and floor with indigo,Kucking a pleasant。
Vine new Chinese chair,Atrial,Amazious,Full of human smoke。
Abandoning the cumbersome and complexity of luxury design,Injected more modern thin elements,Continuing the soft feelings of each place。
Breeze,It seems in space,Bore。
“Wow!I really like this style.。”Blue Xin looks outside the floor,Beautiful lake。
Lu Haozheng pushed her into the room,The room is full of immortality,Wooden big bed to pull up yarn,Wind blowing,White gauze starts with the wind,This is a pleasant,unique。
I can see the lake.,Just like a lake。
Fast rhythmic urban life,It seems that people are more likely to be tired,If you look for such a quiet place,Lake,Also exclusive。
“Wow!how romantic,It’s all I want to feel。”Blue Xin looked at Lu Haozheng,This man is really careful,Everything to do is perfect。
Lu Hao Cheng hugged her,Put in a soft bed,The situation is lying next to her,A face,“Blue,Since you are so happy,Then it is called Haojiao brother.,I have never heard you called.。”
Blue Xin:“……”How is it still tangled this problem??
she……Can’t export。
Blue is glanced at him,“Do you have to bully me??”
Lu Hao became,Use her in her arms,Kiss it hard on her lips。
Laughing, bad, talking, said with her ear:“You don’t call,I will bully you.。”
Blue Xin:“……”Is this brother??
Why is he tangled this problem?。
Blue Xinyu:“you dare?”
NS1036chapter:I want to find you.
“hehe……”Lu Haocheng smiled badly,“You see me dare not?This island is only two people.。”
Blue Xin listened to his threat,Some anxious。