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Sun Wuki greeted boxing and coughing,A pace that does not give up the lung cough。
“Liao Show,Although I don’t know what happened in the middle.,It can be seen that Wukong miserable call can also guess one or two。this is not good,You have a fairy with identity,Will be abused by the government。”Tang San Tibet, I have a few words.,Hui’s eyes,I can’t see the monkey.,Not completely urged。
Good thing,Let Liao Wenjie completed,He also repaired a Zen。
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,Tang Dang is a bit double sign。
Sincerely,He is very miserable to pit the monkey.,Can tell abuse animals,Tang San Tibet, the technique of tuning is clear and more fierce。
First talk about it,I am in a mess, I’m instilling advanced Buddha’s experience,Start with the spiritual level,Completed from internal to,The United States has a Buddha。
He has repaired the five senses of Sun Wukong.,Tang Sanzang is to reshape the three views of Sun Wukong,Improving is not a level of magnitude,Can’t compare。
Tang San Tibet, it’s enough for a while.,Speaking of Sun Wukong,Jade face princess masks,Liao Wenjie stared at the back thinking of a few foxes,For thinking, this is not a uniform temptation。
“Liao Show,There is also a metacharmonic,The poor is somewhat safe to him.,That Kwoko has a deviation to yourself.,He escaping is not a fate.,But the responsibility of carrying it on themselves,Body is quite pitiful。”
Tang San Tibet takes the golden hoop from the arms:“The poor is a break,I am anxious to hurry in the next few times.,If Liao Shi is encountering him,Troubled this gold hoop to him,That is, the poor is first step.,If he wants to pass,Poor is always welcome。”
“what,This body is good,That is not bad……It is a fox who dares to eat Tang Yan meat.,It’s really a deep hidden……”
“Liao Show?!”
Liao Wenjie returned to God,Accessing a gold hoop:“Tang Dang is relieved,I and the Zunbao Brothers,Will not stand by,If necessary, I will definitely pull him.。This is not,Zixia fairy is still close next to it?,Just wait for him to go door.。”
“Dynasty,It is also assured.。”
Tang San Tibet,Slightly,I will lead Sun Wukong to leave the chamber.,In the charity pig、Sand,The four people go down the mountain along the rugged road。
In the border of Rumioshan,Tang Sanzang picks up a white dragon horse hanging on the tree,Hi Tong Dynasty、Purple gold baui, etc.,West……
Tang San Tibet rides on the horse,Run your hand called a pause,Let Sun Wuki raise the clouds,Believers。
“Master,You finally wanted to pass!”
Pig Eight Rings:“I said earlier.,Everyone is not mortal,How to drive the clouds。”
Sun Wukong God is not good at the pig eight ring,This pig’s fertile ear,It’s very delicious when you look at it.,I took a pig whip tonight.。
“Eight rings,what are you thinking?”
Tang Sanzang shakes his head,Explain:“Suddenly discovered,Our group,First by the Niu De Wang,Liao Shi to the accumulated thunder,Walking the number of steps in the middle。In case, in the West Tianling Mountain,Buddha criticized us to steal,I don’t want to give us the book.,I have to come once again from my head.,Isn’t it very embarrassed?。”
“Ah this year……”
“so,Driving clouds back to the desert,Step by one footprint,Walking in this thousand miles away,Folder can show that we are sincerely sincere。”
You a cavalry,Step by step a footprint,Say it,It’s going to be horses.!x3
You a cavalry,Step by step a footprint,Say it,You are up from me.!
“Master is right。”
“I support。”
“As well as。”
Chapter 618 You don’t say anything, you know me.
Mo Yun Cave,Grass,A form of suspicious wretched small face squats。
Because it is to respect,So the little white face here is literally,Refers to his face。
“hateful,Why haven’t come?……”