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The first sea and boat inspection service center in Fujian Province

Original title: The first shipping inspection service center in the province established 25 days, Fujian Province’s first sea and boat inspection service center – Fujian Hong Kong Ship Inspection Co., Ltd. Ningde Service Center held a unveiled operation ceremony in Ningde Saikou Development Zone. Ningde is one of my country’s important ship built-in base and is the key area of ??the ship inspection business in Fujian Province. Data show that the third quarter of this year, Ningde District applied for a new ship’s start-up test of 58 (more than 200,000 load tons), 60 marine products were inspected, and 256 ship operations were inspected. In response to the Ningde boat inspection traffic, the ship built a relatively concentrated characteristics, and under the support of the Ningde Municipal Transportation Bureau, the provincial shipping department officially established a service center in Ningde. Fujian Hong Kong Ship Inspection Co., Ltd. is the first state-owned ship inspection company in Fujian Province to undertake the task of the province’s marine legal inspection and drawings review.

Relevant responsible persons said that after the establishment of the service center, it is mainly provided by shipping enterprises, ship construction enterprises and marine product manufacturers to provide ships and marine products, technical appraisal and consultation and other services, and facilitate application inspection of service objects within the region. Data reviews and other services, further enhance the capacity of Fujian Province.

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