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Do practical affairs with the hard work of the party

Since the study of the study and education of the Party history, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau stationed in the Akuxian Township Township Township Township, At Ke County, the "visit Huiju" team attached great importance to it, and he was actively learning the party history. , Promote the combination of work, carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", truly put the work to the people’s hearts, and constantly improve the sense of gain, happiness, and safe feelings of all ethnic people. In order to actively implement the rural resolution strategy, promote the beautiful rural construction, recently, the village team has been reported, coordinated, and the local leaders attach great importance to and strongly support, strive for 6 kilometers of green belt isolation guardrails and accessories, and organize Construction personnel are installed. The whole green belt isolation guardrail, which not only improved the village’s travel environment, but also became a beautiful landscape of the village. Clean up the ditch sludge, eradicate road weeds, scrub the side guardrail … Recently, the Village Tourism Team and the Village "Two Committee" have created a beautiful living environment to villagers, and organized environmental remediation activities. Under everyone’s joint efforts, a clean and neat Bangan Village is present in front of everyone. In addition, the village team also helped villagers to grow fruit trees, and actively participated in the spring farming production of the villagers and received the praise from the local people.

The team members in the village said that in the future, they will jointly learn from the party history, continue to play the pragmatic role of party members, based on their positions for the masses, constantly strengthen the awareness of the purpose, public servants, and the earth, to revitalize the problem, seek development. (Xinjiang Market Supervision) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).