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Stressful alert to emotional body

Stressful alert to “emotional” body

Ms. Wang is a sales manager of a company. When the sales target “sprints” at the end of the year, she will experience symptoms such as “dizziness”, “muscle beating”, “chest tightness”, “weakness”, and “sleep disorder”.Film, CT, and various organ examinations did not reveal any problems, but various discomfort symptoms remained.
When she heard that there might be a lot of work pressure, she went directly to the Mental Health Center of Wuhan University for treatment.
  Tang Shiming, a psychological consultant at the Mental Health Center of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, said that clinically there are many people like Ms. Wang.
They have no physical problems, but they have a lot of discomfort. This is a physical transformation or manifestation of mental and psychological problems, commonly known as psychogenic diseases.
This is a type of physical and mental symptoms that are caused by psychological factors and have no basis for organic diseases. They can appear symptoms such as rigidity, rigidity, repetitive movements, shortness of breath, paralysis, and convulsions, which are more common in women.
  Tang Shiming said that mental illness can be reflected in both the mental and physical aspects, and the two affect each other.
The “emotional” manifestation of the body is not a physical illness, but a refraction of various stresses such as relationships, family roles, and work.
He suggested that on the one hand, professionals in the workplace should set scientific goals and reduce stress for themselves. On the other hand, they should relieve stress by participating in physical exercises and communicating with family, relatives and friends.
If you still can’t decompress well, seek help from a psychologist in time.