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First426chapter Pit one more
PS:Brothers sorry,Kevin·Reynolds forgot,So some fine-tuning and revisions have been made to the previous chapter,If you think this chapter is a bit awkward,You can go back and read the previous chapter,Don’t worry, brothers who have already subscribed,Just refresh it again,Won’t recalculate the money。
Say sorry to my brothers again。
The movie can still be shot like this?!
How did Fernandez’s brain grow??!
This is not only what Comrade Governor and his agent want to say,Also Kevin·What Reynolds wants to say,After reading the script and stock market summary,His first thought was to take a business jet back to the company immediately,Let the editors in the company with their nostrils on weekdays stand in a row in front of them,Then I used the soles of my shoes to smoke these bastards’ faces:idiot!Bastard stuff,The company provides you with delicious food and drinks all day long,But you guys can’t think of such a good story?!
The eyes of Comrade Governor and Patrick limited their judgment on the script and story.,Kevin·Who is Reynolds?Head of film distribution of Twentieth Century Fox, one of the eight Hollywood giants!
As the director of film distribution for 20th Century Fox,Not a pair of extremes、Can tell whether a movie makes money or loses money、Can I make a small profit or a big profit??
Definitely not!