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Merely,Lu Haocheng suddenly wants to talk to the private problem with Ou Jing。

“Aura,Auntie and Le Yu and you,When do you want to make a friend??”Lu Haocheng is worried about him,After all, he is excellent than Su Sei Ming.,But because it is too good.,Looking for a wife to find。
Su Shengming is a half-truthful attitude,I really want to find a girlfriend。
But Ou Jing, there is no such mind。
European:“This is what I should worry about.,Don’t worry。You should worry about the company now.,Look at our business business so good,Many multinational companies have already seen it.。as far as I know,Other companies have been destroying our company,And find our company’s weaknesses,Case our company’s development trend。”
Although everything in the company is walking according to the legal procedure,But the following employees also have greedy people。
I don’t know what to do in the other party’s collection.,The qualification rate on the goods is also100%of,He is not worried about these,Just worry that other information is leaked。
After all, Lu Haocheng has too much variety.,real estate,Restaurant,bar,hotel……and many more。
Lu Haozheng slightly eyebrows,Looking at the momentum of autumn products,He already has a preparation:“being targeted,We all understand this truth。Can help us only one。”
“Who?”Ou Jing is very interested in watching him。
“Xiao Jun’s master。”
“Lu Hao Cheng,I just didn’t say it.,You think about other ways,Every company will arrange some hackers to steal information in the company.,Recently, we often have a firewall to be broken.,I only have a hand,a pair of eyes,A pair of ears,There is no way to see it.。”
“I see you still don’t rain.,First think about the problem, you should have problems,How much property is you named?,Only we know,But if it is broken by the other party,You will be known to many people.,The average person knows you very money,But I don’t know if you will be so rich.,You have always lived very low,This is the most embarrassing。”
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Then let them go.,I’m not afraid。Xiao Jun’s master surveillance the system of the whole river,The last Si Yun’s indecent video,Xiao Jun uploaded,Xiaojun has been secretly protecting his mother.,It’s really bitter.。”
Lu Haocheng is proud,He has three great children。
Ou Jing, looked at him again,Surround talk to him,He got up to the desk,Pick up a stack of files,In front of Lu Haozheng,“All signed。”
“it is good!”Lu Hao picked up the pen,After reading the content,Signature。
Ou Jing, sitting on the side,After watching him signed,Only:“Gu An’an recently and a hacker called Xu Jinghe is very close.。The last few days,The two often eat together,to chat with,More than Lu Haokai。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Slight eyebrow:“Well,Why do you mention the woman who is disappointing?,Overstere,She was called by me two days.,She will not give up a good break。”
European“……”Have him。
“hehe……”He has a little unbelievable smile,“Lu Hao Cheng,You will also play women?”
“Um!Be too angry,She actually wants to call blue and blue to death.,Otherwise, she will pay a relative of the blue sky one by one.,I really can’t hear it.,I only called her.。”
“You all know,How many years have you found a blue blue?,Never let the blue have left me because of her threat。”
European:“Blue-blue now doesn’t want to leave you。She lives in sunshine,Live confidence。In our eyes,She is like a sparkling diamond.,But she is very gentle in life.,She is working hard to be confident in work。
Do not worry,Lin Ye stared very tightly。”
Lu Haocheng saw that Mu Zizi has a touch of emotions.,Slightly lip,Does he also observed this carefully??
Blue blue in life,sometimes,恬 得 得 像 生活 者 者 者,Just sit quietly,Just give a good feeling of a good life.,With a strong force。
“Tell Lin Ye next time,I will send them a bonus at the end of the year.,Let them be doing well,Especially blue security。”
Ou Jingyi listened to this,Smile:“Lu Hao Cheng,You really know how to hold your heart.,Renminbi is something that everyone likes people.,to be honest,I like it too,I heard you give me2%Shares,Suddenly I feel that my money is much more.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haoheng got up,“European,It seems that women can’t let you be happy.,Your money, let you laugh so gentle water,You and money are not bad for a lifetime.。”
European:“What is nothing?,If you have anything, you have money.。”