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Service "Three High Sixth New" Help Country Revitalization – ABC Hunan Branch and Hunan Financial Association Signing Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

People’s Network Changsha October 29 On October 28, the Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch and Hunan Financial Control Control held a strategic cooperation sign conference, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site. The two sides will take the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership as an opportunity to give full play to their respective advantages, and further deepen cooperation, and join hands with Hunan Province to create a "three highland" and promote the implementation of rural revitalization strategies. The ABC Hunan Branch President Tao Weimiang expressed warm welcome to the arrival of financial and credit, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the long-term trust and support for financial credit control. He said that the financial and financial control and the ABC Hunan Branch are the important financial forces in the Hunan region, and have common goals and mission in the financial services entity economy, struggling to build modern new Hunan. The two sides will cooperate in the field of business, equity financing, capital market business, investment banking, equity financing, capital market business, investment banking, institutional business, supply chain finance, agent settlement, cash management, consulting services, personal finance, etc.

As a state-owned big row as "three farmers, serving urban and rural", Hunan Agricultural Bank is guided by the "Three High Four New" Strategies, will be responsible for not lending more energy, concentrating more resources, and infuse financial development and rural revitalization strategies. Live water; will be supported by the corporate financial service platform, actively involvement in the comprehensive financial services of financial and credit, continuously innovate new models, and build new models of bank enterprises, seek new chapters. Cheng Xue, chairman of Hunan Financial and Gold Control, said that the ABC as an international modern financial enterprise played a pivotal role in my country’s financial system, and Hunan Agricultural Bank also provided important financial support for the economic and social development of the province. Previously, the cooperation between the financial control and Hunan Agricultural Bank has achieved good results. The next stage, we look forward to further deepening comprehensive cooperation between rural resultion, comprehensive financial services, and helping Hunan Province to create "three highland" and other aspects. Development makes a greater contribution. (Queang Hui) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see the client download.