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Taiyuan municipal enterprises accelerate smart shipment box construction

  Original title: [Do a good job in "six stable" to implement the "Six Bao"] Taiyuan municipal enterprises to accelerate the intelligent shipment box construction strive to complete the hospital campus institutions Building full coverage smart shipment box and other public facilities for 2 years to 3 years Complete the hospital, enter the campus, enter the organ, enter the building full coverage; complement the cell coverage within 3 years to 5 years to 60% -80%, and strive to achieve full coverage in 5 years. On August 18, the reporter learned from the Taiyuan Municipal Government that Taiyuan Municipal Government News Office has held a press conference that accelerates intelligent shutter box project construction. At present, more than 4,000 sets of smart shipment boxes that have been built and put into use in Taiyuan, and the Express Terminal Integrated Service Station has 971 rookie stations. In July of this year, 12 units such as the Construction of Smart Shutter Box Projects in Taiyuan City were issued by 12 units of the Taiyuan Mail Tourism Bureau and the Real Estate Bureau. "Program" pointed out that the region is focused on the area of ??the population, the express delivery business volume, focusing on public facilities such as smart shipment boxes, smart mailboxes and express integrated services. In the specific implementation, the project is integrated into the old cell transformation planning, in the community significantly and convenient location, set a public facility such as smart shipment box; there is a community of the postal letter box, upgrade the traditional postal letter box to smart letters Packet. At the public region of the institution of enterprises and institutions, end facilities such as intelligent shipment boxes are constructed in accordance with the size of the office personnel. In the planning of new residential communities, public facilities such as smart shipment in the construction of the new residential community, and the completed cells have to be given to provide venues, electricity, and networking.

Hospitals, schools, and buildings are laying according to the size of the served population, and the relevant units must provide a match with venues, electricity, and networks. The project is supported by the construction of enterprises and government construction, and the financial subsidies construction costs and operation and maintenance fees are supported. According to regional population, the intelligent shipment box is expected to use efficiency scientific division of efficiency, three types of reasonable financial subsidies, five The financial subsidy in the year will reach more than 100 million yuan.

(Reporter Dingyuan).