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Central Information Office Network: the establishment of a negative list of entertainers to strengthen and standardize management of online information

People electric Beijing November 23 (Liu Wei) Recently, the Central Information Office network issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the entertainers online information practices related work" (the "Notice"), aimed at further strengthening the norms of online information and entertainment stars , well-maintained network media order, and create a more cool and bright cyberspace. Central Information Office network that in recent years, online pan-entertainment tendency, vulgar phenomenon of repeated speculation, flow-oriented, aesthetic deformity, "Rice circle" chaos mainstream values and other adverse culture shock, some online promotional content related to Star anomie, scandal gossip, privacy broke the news headlines platform occupies the site layout, hot search list, take up a lot of public resources platform, people expressed strong opinions.

In order to further regulate online information and entertainment stars, and create a positive and healthy network environment, developed and issued "notice." "Notice" proposes 15 specific work measures from four aspects such as content orientation, information presence, account management, and public opinion, and strives to effectively regulate the online information on entertainment.

"Notice" requirements, strict entertainers online information content oriented to strengthen the positive guidance, the establishment of a negative list.

Entertainment stars online information shall not contain legal, content and administrative regulations expressly prohibited may not promote the flow first, deformity aesthetic, extravagant pleasure, show off their wealth worships money and other negative values must not be Bo eye vulgar speculation scandal scandal, rendering Star emotional dispute intimate detail, not unauthorized exposure, the sale of star status information, home address, travel information, personal privacy, shall not be involved in batch release of star artists and their works, marketing or malicious brush control the amount of assessment, shall publish involving star is false information, slander misinterpreted spread rumors to discredit, not to illegal misconduct star performers comeback rally, washing propaganda, not tear each other to stir up fan base abuse, attack the opposition, or stimulation induces fan base over-consumption, illegal fund-raising, investment and other irrational fight should aid behavior.

"Notification" in accordance with the content attribute factors, influence and so on, the star online entertainment information into the performing arts works, dynamic individual, business activities, announcements, public service, the authority issued six types. Among them, in terms of performing arts works, including film and television stars, music, arts works and related publicity, fragments, interpretation, review, etc., the natural spread in principle, but not focus on "ecological control provisions of web content" provisions of Article XI links get together presents, containing personal identification of the stars, in the first home screen, hot Offers, hot search list and other sectors, the same star can only appear on the same period a principle.

"Notice" to strengthen the management of the accounts and the main star, brokerage firms (studio), fans (fan club), entertainment public accounts, MCN agencies and the like. Among them, in terms of hierarchical account monitoring and management star, star of the platforms to fully ascertain the account registration base number, the number of fans under the circumstances, ability to communicate, credit evaluation, account management at different levels of stars, regularly filing related to the net in the letter sector.

Establishing platforms focus on directory listings, to reach a certain number of fans and the ability to communicate star account, dynamic real-time monitoring and early warning.

For the hot sensitive social issues, the band released the partial rhythm, to confuse, to incite extreme emotional content of the star account, to take timely measures to deal with and report to the relevant authorities. In strict illegal misconduct star performers account management, star performers take on illegal misconduct joint disciplinary measures, network-wide uniform standards to prevent illegal misconduct star performers move on, "curve back."

In strict Star brokerage firms and fans account management, strengthen stars brokerage firm (studio) account certification audit, on the same brokerage firm (studio) in principle the same platform can only register an account. Fans (fan club) brokerage account is subject to the star (studio) authorization or certification, its responsibility for routine maintenance and supervision and management. Unauthorized individuals or organizations are not allowed to register accounts Star fans. "Notice" emphasizes that the local Netcom department must attach great importance to strengthening the information of entertainment stars, combined with "rice" chaos rectification, formulate refining implementation plan, and guide the implementation of website platform to implement various measures to implement, and seek work effect . (Editor: Li Nanhua, Lu Wei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.