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Building a network security line

Original title: Total Total Building Security Defense Walk October 11th, the Qilihe District Committee Network Office jointly bonded the public security Qili River Branch Network Supervision Brigade, the District Government Information Center launched "network security as the people, network security relying on the people" The subject of the 2021 network security promotion week activity.

In front of the Qilihe District Government, the staff surrounds the network security publicity week theme, introduces the "Network Safety Law" and other related laws and regulations, personal information protection and important information infrastructure protection, etc., and through real telecom fraud In case, explain to the masses to the masses, remind everyone to recognize the essence of online fraud, avoid online fraud to bring economic losses to themselves, enhance the network security awareness and basic protective skills of netizens. During the event, a publicity fold page is issued, more than 1,000 booksmarks, set the propaganda banner, and 10 faces of the show, and answer the masses for more than 50 times.

On the same day, the reporter learned that the Yongdeng County Women’s Federation also organized network security promotion week activities.

The publicity activities issued more than 200 publicity colors and other promotional goods, and benefited more than 400 people.

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