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Bubbles in cyber love reality

Bubbles in cyber love reality

Friend’s wedding For those of us who live on the Internet, we very much agree with the Internet. We believe that everything on the Internet, including love.

  A friend of mine recently had an antique wedding with his netizen.

Before that, he had a long-standing girlfriend in real life, and then he met a girl who was like-minded while playing games online. The two men fought together and “cultivated” together, calling them inTogether they are very tacit, and have always called each other “husband and wife”.

  He is not in the same city as the “wife” on the Internet, but his girlfriend is by his side.

Unexpectedly, things developed quickly. He broke up with his original girlfriend and moved to the city where his girlfriend was online. The two happily antiqued the wedding, and we both took time off to attend.

Looking at their sweet and happy appearance, I also received encouragement, and went back and proposed to my “online wife”.

  I am her “gunner”. Speaking of my “wife” on the Internet, she is not by my side, but on the Internet, we meet every day.

For more than four hours a day, we will be online at the same time, I think even two people who are really in love are just that.

For her, I also started to play that famous large-scale online game, and we each registered for an account.

I am a webmaster and naturally can be online. She is a 9 to 5 staff member. She never plays games in the unit. We are far away, but it does not stop me from “love offensive” against her. SheWhen I was away, I used her account and password to log in, play games as her, and add equipment to her. It didn’t take long for her to be fully equipped when she was fully armed.

  I am a very introverted person. When I meet strangers in real life, I often do n’t know what to say. Even where to put my hands is a difficult choice. So, even when I like a girl, I can only sneakWait and see, dare not put into action.

I have been secretly in love with many people since I was an adult, but I haven’t talked about it several times, and each secret love has not blossomed.

When I met her, at my site, I was good at Internet communication. On the Internet, I could type out various humorous and interesting sentences through the keyboard. The technical problems she encountered were just a piece of cake for me.With children, I feel more confident than ever.

Our first meeting was just the most common online encounter, but we became close friends in a common online game.

Six months later, I was “married” to her online, and she started to video with me, and I found out that she was really a cute and lovely girl, not the kind of “seeing death” that we feared.

I only wanted to keep her relationship online with her, but my friend’s wedding gave me a boost.

Suddenly I became brave, and I decided to continue this fate in reality. I sent her a photo of her friend’s wedding and said, “I really want to be with you.

“She said,” Then you come, it is possible.

“The realistic distance with all the savings I could take, I jumped on the train and reached her city.

I bought a mobile phone prepaid card and gave her the first market call. She was very surprised. She was a beautiful girl like she saw in the video.

When she looked at me, her eyes were bright, the corners of her mouth were slightly tilted, and she looked happy.

I am an introvert, but with her, I am not nervous, I feel very familiar and relaxed.

We ate together. When ordering, she was very crisp. Say “OK” if you like, and shake your head if you don’t like it. I don’t need to worry about guessing and trying to please.

Suddenly I had a decision. I said simply go to rent a house, anyway.

  It was cold, but the hearts of the sunny and sunny people were full of warmth and courage, and I started looking for a suitable settlement house in a strange northern city.

After looking at a few intermediaries, I found that the money around me was enough to rent a decent one-bedroom, and my heart was even more ambitious.

She helped me buy a quilt and quilt in a Japanese miscellaneous store. When she helped me to quilt, I hugged her from behind. This was the first time the two of us had come in close contact so closely. Her hair hadA little greasy, not hot or dyed, it looks very sweet.

  We held each other for a long time, my heart was filled with a majestic emotion, I remembered those martial arts novels I read when I was in school, and those simple stories of life in exchange for love.

Then, we found an Internet cafe. For the first time, the two were next to each other at desks, and the computers were fighting next to each other. We kept smiling at each other. That was really the happiest time since I was an adult.

  I told my friends online that I have stayed here and have a mobile phone number for this city.

I told the owner of my original Internet cafe that you should find someone to replace me as soon as possible. I basically won’t go back.

  Everyone was notified, I forgot to tell my parents, this was something I noticed later.

She took a public holiday, we played wildly, chatting in the hut, going to the grocery shopping together, cooking together in a small kitchen without a window, she took me to her elementary school, middle school spring outing tour and told me she used toUnder which tree was the first landscape photo taken.

Life was fast and happy, we forgot all the people and things around us, and then she was called home by the phone.

  All day, she had no news. I called her cell phone and shut it down.

Sitting in the hut, I started to get bored.

When I walked down the street, there was nothing to visit. I simply went to her unit to find her. They said that her vacation was not over, so I decided to go to her house.

I know the address, but I have n’t been there. If I had visited a stranger ‘s house before, I would never die, but now I ‘m different. I think it must be a kind place, where people liveIs her parents, and will be my parents in the future.  I went to the mall to buy something, and looked for it along the address. It was a very narrow alley, all bungalows. When I entered, some people standing at the door began to scan me vigilantly,Then talk softly.

My heart started to sullen, and I was most afraid of being unsettled by others.

  Find her home and find that there is a quarrel inside, it is a humble little yard, the voice can go far.

I heard her voice, she said, “He is not a bad person, let alone I am not a fool.

“Bad guy” just entered the vision of everyone in the hospital. I was suddenly in focus with a big bag in my hand. Although she was there, I started to stage fright.

  For the first time, I knew her details.

Her mother and father are retired workers, her brother was laid off, and he is an older youth. Among the family of four, she is the backbone of the economy.

I was walking along the street with her and was seen and reported by my neighbors, and my presence was a disaster for them.

I have just lived in this northern city for a week, and I am clearly listed as a vagrant.

  They started to examine me, what my parents did, what specialties they had, what kind of work they could do here, the most important thing was where they would live after marriage.

  She said, “We will buy our own house.

“The voice is loud and clear.

I feel that her parents and brother have relaxed expressions.

I ‘m a “Moonlight clan”, and the money in my credit card has just passed 5 digits, but I still have confidence in my parents. I know they have kept a marriage fund for me.Pay a down payment on the house, and you can buy a decent house here.

  I nodded and expressed my determination. I said that I would find a stable job and give her a stable life.

I can buy a house and I can take responsibility.

When I said these things, I felt like I was a man.

But when I called home and reported to my parents the good news that I was getting married, their response seemed to be the kind of panic I was abducted to a foreign country.

I heard that I asked for money to buy a house in a foreign country and got married. Something they triggered was “I was cheated.”

  I am an only child. When I insisted on marrying this northern girl and taking root in the north, my parents first became furious, then bitterly, and finally they told me clearly-no, as for money, there is no point.

My friends and cousins also appeared. They tried to persuade me one by one by phone, text message, and online chat. Even the guy who got married to the netizen persuaded me to give up. They had good reasons., I think I will be deceived, and it is my parents’ hard-earned hard-earned money, how can I bear it.

  When someone told me that my mother was washing her face with tears at home, and my dad was suddenly very embarrassed, I hesitated. I felt that my request might be too much.

  I started looking for a job. I told her that maybe we could not afford a house for a while, but we could rent a house and I believe I would let her live in her own house.

To show my determination, I asked my cousin to send me a diploma and I started looking for work.

  Although I have a good education, but in the stranger city, I found a suitable job for a while, and finally found one. The salary is only 1,500 yuan, which is just simple and redundant. I do n’t want to save money to buy a house, even dating.Have to use the old version.

I can gallop in the online world. In real life, after all, I’m just a college student who has just graduated for a few years. I leave my hometown without a family and have a difficult task of buying a house.

  And she could n’t take it back because she said I would buy a house to marry her. Her parents took the house as an inevitable condition and put pressure on her.

We started quarreling together, and I became more and more afraid of her, as if owed her, disappointed that I became her main personality content.

I blame her for telling her parents that I would buy a house, but she said that it was my overwhelming appearance that gave her the wrong trust.

  When I left, it was a breakup. I became incapable of talking. The stuttering problems that had been corrected as a child also began to repeat. She always said that she loved me more than I loved her, and she almost broke with her family for me.

But she forgot that the person who had left the country for this love was actually me.

In order to please her parents, I have to go to the house every week. I’m afraid of the atmosphere in her house, but am I also trying hard?

She started to hate shopping and cooking, and I think it was a prelude to her hating being with me.

  It took us only two months from online to offline. When my credit card was enough to buy a return flight ticket, I felt scared.

She didn’t come to me for three days. At first I felt a little relaxed, and then I suddenly missed home. I really packed up those things I brought and bought an air ticket to go home.

  Mom and dad treated me like a baby. Meals are my favorite dishes, and my words are very polite. Be careful not to mention my love affairs.

Sleeping in my bedroom, which I haven’t lived in since I graduated from college, I found myself weak and I didn’t dare go back.

  She called and I said at home that she hung up.

I called her again and the phone shut down.

At that moment, I knew that everything was over for us.