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Supermodel teaches road invincible eyesight cultivation secrets

Supermodel teaches road invincible eyesight cultivation secrets

She is currently the most beautiful actress in Taiwan, and even the beauty king Da S praises her as “the real beauty king”.

Every interview was amazing, and couldn’t help sighing that Wu Peici’s skin care homework was in place.

Not to mention a small dress, not to mention elegant hair style, just for the secret eye problems that stars are most afraid of, it won’t hurt her at all.

But Pei Ci said that beauty salons rarely go there.

How are those beautiful big eyes maintained?

  Wu Peici, a beautiful person, will use towels to alternate the dark circles caused by vascular stasis. Hot compresses for 10 minutes and then cold for 1 minute to help the skin swelling and promote circulation. If it is dark circles caused by allergic rhinitis, Wu Meiren recommends treating allergies first.
  If you find cold ice packs to reduce swelling, apply firming eye gel to the puffy eyes after cleansing, then massage in a circular motion to help the product absorb.

The safflower extract contained in it can effectively break down the eye excess, promote metabolism, and eliminate eye edema.

  In terms of facial skin care, Wu Peici thinks that the most important thing to pay attention to is the skin of the eyes.

Because the skin on the eyes is relatively fragile, the usual masks and skin care products cannot take care of them and are not suitable for the eyes. Therefore, very fine eye lines are easy to appear.

“So I use soothing and nourishing eye cream on my eyes every day, combined with a soothing massage.

Because it is a natural fruit extract, it can enhance the anti-stress ability of the eye skin and maintain a healthy state of eye vitality.

Its moisturizing effect is also suitable for dry skin like me.

In addition to maintenance, Wu Peici will eat some vitamin E oil to maintain skin oil secretion, and also like to eat some natural fruits containing antioxidants.

“It’s very helpful for people like me who often make up and film.

Many people also said that they like my eyes and feel that they are very individual and beautiful.

“The exclusive recipe is potatoes!

Cover your eyes with 2 pieces of raw potato chips, put on your eyes and sleep until dawn, you will never see dark circles the next day!

In addition, she will raise the sleeping pillows so that the blood in the eyes can circulate and not collect under the eyes.

Naturally there are no worries about dark circles.

If there are no potatoes, cut the right amount of apples, carrots, spinach and strawberries into small pieces, add milk, honey, ice cubes, and crush them with a fruit juice machine to make nutritious fruit and vegetable juices, which will help the skin restore elasticity and gloss.At the same time, it can eliminate dark circles and make the skin fair and rosy.

  Link: Women’s Top Ten Natural Skin-Fruit Fruits-Pear-Pear is rich in fast fruit and jasper milk. It is called “natural mineral water” because of its tenderness and juicyness.

It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, refreshing and moistening dryness, clearing heart and reducing fire.

It has quite good moisturizing effect on lung, bronchus and upper respiratory tract, can help digestion, promote appetite, and has good antipyretic and diuretic effects.

Eating one or two pears a day can effectively relieve autumn dryness.

  Doctor’s first medicine-Apple Apple is also called Ping Po. It has a sweet taste, has the effects of replenishing the temper, nourishing the stomach and yin, replenishing and quenching thirst, and nourishing the lungs and the heart.

More food can improve the function of the respiratory system and lungs.

I can smell the scent of apples when I am nervous at work, but also refreshing and relieve tension!

  Sweet and delicious-persimmons are sweet and cold.

Its vitamins and sugars are one to two times higher than ordinary fruits.

It can nourish the lungs and protect the stomach, clear dry fire, and can be used to replenish deficiency, cough, intestines, and remove heat.

Persimmons on an empty stomach are susceptible to stomach persimmon stones, so it is best to eat them after meals, and eat as little as possible.

  Xiyu Jiaguo-Pomegranate Pomegranate is a specialty of the Western Region. It turned to the Central Plains during the Han Dynasty.

Pomegranate tastes sour and has astringent temperature, which can effectively prevent oxidation, reduce the oxidized cholesterol deposited in the body, delay aging, and has great potential for throat thirst in the early autumn.

  King of dried fruits-chestnut chestnut, sweet and warm nature, into the spleen, stomach, and kidney, can nourish the stomach, strengthen the spleen, kidney, strengthen the waist, strong tendons, blood circulation, hemostasis, swelling and so on.

Chestnuts are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which can resist osteoporosis, hypertension and other diseases.

Eat more chestnuts in a refreshing autumn is a good choice!

  King of Vitamin C-Kiwi Kiwi is named after kiwis for its love, its vitamin C content is extremely high.In addition, this fruit also contains serum promoting hormones, which can help us stabilize mood and calm down the mood; rich supplementary fiber can promote heart health and help digestion.

Kiwi is sour and has a sweet and cold taste. It also has the effects of refreshing and moisturizing, antipyretic and annoying.

  Fruit of paradise-olive This is the praise of the Turks for olive.

The pulp of olives can be calcium, and fresh consumption is quite beneficial to the human body.

Olive-flavored glycylic acid, flat in nature, can clear heat and detoxify, accumulate phlegm, and nourish the lungs and throat, especially suitable for autumn and winter consumption.

  Moderate sweet and sour-Yuzu Yuzu is a typical southern fruit, with a bitter and bitter taste, rich in juice, and rich in vitamin C.

The natural pectin contained in it can reduce the content of cholesterol and help the absorption of calcium and iron.

  Longevity food-Hawthorn Hawthorn is also the red in the mountains as we often say.

The rich flavonoids and a large number of vitamins in hawthorn can effectively prevent the generation of free radicals and enhance the body’s immunity.

Hawthorn glycine is slightly warm, and it is a good medicine for appetizing digestion and enhancing digestive function.

  Vitamin Pills-Jujube Fresh jujube is rich in vitamins, especially a large amount of vitamin C, which can promote the conversion of excess cholesterol in the body into bile acids.

In addition, jujube is sweet and warm, and it is still a good product for supplementing qi and nourishing blood and soothe the nerves!

However, jujube skin is not easy to digest and it is best not to eat it.