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“I know!You must not understand me yet!”

Evincent is like discovering a new world,Or maybe scientists have found some kind of misunderstanding,Just conquer it,The problem will be solved。
“My name is evincent,Yes lunatic!I have many PhDs,I don’t know how many。I have done a lot of fun things,I don’t remember the details。I have many followers,But i don’t remember their names。”
Ivincent’s self-introduction was uttered in his whine。
“I was the one who killed and set fire;I’m the one who gave the kids candy;The person who injected the chemical into the body is me,The person who is infinitely close to death is still me。I used to save money,Return the money from the bank to the same person who got the money;I was stingy and domineering,For a breakfast,Let someone from a small town be buried。Presumptuous rhetoric,It’s me who wants to disrupt this world;Cautious to taciturn,I’m the one who wants to hide in the turtle shell;I’m so smart,So genius,But I still don’t know who I am,It shouldn’t be a so-called good person anyway,if that’s the case,How boring this world should be!”
The frequency with which Ivancent shook the chain became stronger,I don’t know if it’s because of his anger or his excitement。
“Do you believe i can get out from here?Ah!Whether you believe it or not,I will do it for you。Who made you my neighbor!”
Evincent smiled but also made a whimper。
“Tell you one more news,My new playmate is Xiang Chen,Don’t underestimate him!He is the one who walked out of the dark day three times in a row,Super fun!”
Evincent thought about the previous screen on the computer,Memories alone are enough to excite him。
There is a wind in the seemingly endless darkness,Airtight here,So Evincent knows,This wind comes from my neighbor。
“Do you also know this Xiang Chen?”
Talk to yourself,Evincent seems to have met a confidant。
“Must be,Can be locked here as a neighbor,It means you are also a dangerous guy,I was sent in by the old blue dragon,As my neighbor,You shouldn’t be far behind!These mercenaries are the dirtiest,Take everything,No moral bottom line!”
Ivincent is still chattering,In order to bring happiness to myself。But don’t know,The dark side,I have a pair of eyes slowly opened,Just because the environment here is claustrophobic,Two people know each other’s existence,But can’t see each other…
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Six Evincent2
Dark and closed environment,The only light is the only humanitarianism left,The jailer who gave Ivincent a meal a day。