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Xia Chenglong heard Wang Chengwu say this,The eyes were narrowed into a slit,There was a slightly finished look in the eyes:“Oh,Is there anything else?Talk to me if you have something!”

Wang Chengwu heard Xia Chenglong say this,Also a look of helplessness,I heard him talk softly at this moment,And then said leisurely:
“I feel like there is an insider inside us,Because every decision made by the other party seems a bit too timely!”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes narrowed into a slit at this time,Obviously this sentence left a lot of waves in his heart,But obviously he agrees with what Wang Chengwu said,Although he doesn’t want to agree with this。
And all the people present at this time,I felt that Xia Chenglong’s whole body rose up with a cold killing intent,Everyone feels that the temperature around them has dropped a few degrees,And these people also shivered unconsciously。
So some people took a breath,An ominous premonition rose suddenly in my heart。
And Xia Chenglong at this time,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evoke a trace of evil charm,At this moment, his gaze scanned the people in front of him straightly,There was a bit of cold killing intent in the eyes。
And those people were scanned like this by Xia Chenglong,I also had a chill at the time,An ominous premonition suddenly surged in my heart,Especially those who have ghosts in their hearts,At this moment, he saw,He actually retracted his head directly,I dare not look at him again。
And Xia Chenglong at this time,There is probably a conclusion on this matter,The corners of his mouth rise slightly,Evokes a playful arc,In fact, even he never expected,The mental quality of those inner ghosts is so bad。
You must know that Xia Chenglong’s spiritual consciousness completely covers this place,It’s totally fine,Everyone’s every move is in his eyes,So the changes in the expressions of those people,Naturally can’t escape his eyes。
And those people have a guilty conscience,Exposed yourself all at once,This is really ridiculous。
But they exposed themselves,It’s better than Xia Chenglong,Look for one by one,A lot easier,Xia Chenglong will naturally not waste his tongue with those traitors,Because it doesn’t work,So at this time, he raised the knife and fell,Just killed those traitors。
Everyone knows that Xia Chenglong is decisive,But everyone never thought,Xia Chenglong was so decisive,Everyone saw this scene,I took a breath at the time,An ominous premonition suddenly surged in my heart。
Then Xia Chenglong looked around everyone,There was a strange light in the eyes,Everyone bowed their heads in shame,Don’t know how to face him。