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Wright elaborated:“Specifically,I need you in the four highest planes、Collect some beasts from the seven gods,Or someone related to the beast。Including gods or gods with the blood of gods。In addition, the beast I want,It is a natural attribute, earth, water and fire, or the rules of life。”

“If it is alive,It’s best to lure,Let them cooperate。I will give you a fortune,Of course, if there is the blood of a beast,Maybe buy it back。”
“In addition。。。”Wright thought for a while:“You should also catch some relatively special creatures in the sanctuary,Also sent to my god plane。”
“The power of these main gods for you,If you lack wealth, you can sell some!”Wright waved his hand,Two seemingly ordinary bottles appeared,But each inside the bottle contains10The power of the Lord God,Not Wright stingy,But these tasks should only be given like this10The power of the Lord God,Otherwise, some other tasks will not be rewarded。
not to mention,This power of the main god is the power of the main god of wind and darkness that Wright exchanges for Beirut and the Dark Lord.,Happens to match these two strong。
“Yes!Lord God。”Wright’s two strong men nodded and led,Look at their expressions,I feel that such a task is obtained10The power of the Lord God,That is very worthwhile。
quickly,These two gods entered the hell and life gods respectively。
Arrange the two gods under his command,Wright dropped an energy clone directly on the Skyline Mountains,Use the power of the main god,In exchange for the method of baptism in the temple of the four gods and beasts family。Rushed to the dark forest,Ask Beirut for the four ultimate fighters he created in the past。
Beirut doesn’t hide private,Tell Wright how he used the blood of the four gods to create the four ultimate warriors。
But with Beirut’s commentary,Wright also understands,Beirut has created four ultimate fighters,Method is very rude,And the result is also very random。
Beirut, of course, let ordinary humans merge with the blood of the main god,Relying on countless trials,Pure violent fusion,At first it was to let human beings blend in and subdue the blood of the Lord God,Later, there are also the main gods directly into the blood vessels of the human body。
Tested for more than five thousand years,Relying on many trial and error,Beirut just happened to integrate the blood into the four ultimate fighters of the first generation。The randomness is great,For example, let Beirut use another drop of white tiger blood,It’s also hard to say that you are sure to create a tiger-print warrior like a wave.。
Of course in these countless trials and errors,Wright also understands at least some wrong ways to get mortals into the blood of the beasts,Wright also thought out some ideas。
“The blood energy of the beast is very strong,Integrating directly into the body of humans or monsters will often cause them to burst directly。”