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Blue Xin also laughed,“grandmother,You also woke up,Our family reunited。”

“Yes。”Gu Yimei, I looked at everyone.,Their family plus Xiaonan Bridge,It is the four chantang.。
She is already blessed.。
“You are all good,Grandma is also good.。The stock lost 5% fifth,Grandma is good and rich,Just don’t help small oranges,Grandma is regrettable。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Thank you, my dream of my grandmother.,Grandma has helped me,Give me so good blue,I am already very happy.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Hand put on the back of Blue Xin,Looking at the gentle, she laughs.。
“hehe……”Take care of your grandmother laughs,“Give you shares,I hope that you can take care of our small memory.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“grandmother,No these,I am also very good to love the blue blue.。”
“Oy,Your kid,The mouth is getting sweeter and sweetened.,More and more, you like it.。”Gu Xiandan laughs without his mouth。
Lin Dami looked at a daughter,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng loves his daughter,She is also very relieved。
“Blue,Ah Cheng,You must be happy in the future.。I used to look at you and your grandmother is lying on the bed.,Mom really felt money is not the most important,The happiness of a family is the most important。”
Blue Xin listen this,Laugh,“Mother,You finally wanted to pass。”
“Um!”Lin Dami laughed at the daughter,“Blue,Mom learns a lot from you.,You have always been emotional,Pay attention to affection,Your father and Mu Qing mother why you like you,Mom now understands。”
During the time of your mother,She deeply realized the importance of family,I used to call with my mother.,Feel very depressed。
But watching my mother sleeping so,She feels very distressed。
Blue Xin looked at her looks more gentle than before.,Not like the moment before,Proud。
Gu Yi and Gu Yi Lin listened to this,Laugh laugh。
Gu Yi Lin reached out,I took Shen Jiaqi’s son,My son gains a laugh at him.。
“Oy,My Xiaojin Zeng Sun,So cute,Gurt, you will send you a luxury home as a gift.。This world,No more comfortable home is more comfortable.。”
Everyone laughed,Not talking。
Lu Haocheng looked at the time,Laugh:“grandmother,This good day you wake up,Can I have a romantic date with a blue blue?,I set the ticket.。”
Take care of your grandmother,Laughing nodded,“Go back,See Xiao Yi,Grandma is peaceful,Go.,Grandma has to be discharged in a few days.?”
“Thank you grandmother,Big Brother,Second,Small nephew,dad,Mother,Grandma is troublesomeant.。”Lu Hao Cheng called,Have some guilt,But the ticket he has already set,In island’s villa,Already arranged everything。
Gu Yi smiled:“Go away,You only have one task,Take care of blue blue。”
Blue Xin looked at such Lu Haocheng is helpless。
“Good!Blue and blue。”Lu Hao Cheng’s face guarantee。
When the two arrived at the door, I met since I just rushed to Gu An’an.。
Gu Anan saw Blue Xin and Lu Haozheng,It is also ugly。
Especially Lu Haozheng,Let her know the things,She all feels,She is a unclean person。
NS1035chapter:you dare
Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin are also bad faces。
This is after the last time the hotel is,She saw Gu Anan for the first time.。
Gu An’an’s,Only Gu Yi Lin knows。
Lu Hao,Holding Gu Yi Lin,Will only fall into the deadlock。
Gu Anan’s lover,Also a hacker。
Xiao Jun said,Xu Jinghe’s aims of computer theft is very powerful.。
“sister……elder sister。”Gu Anan looked at Blue Xin,Tough is called two words。
Blue Xin:“……”If her words,I can’t call two words from my sister.。