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The 12th (autumn) Country Cultural Tourism Festival in Sichuan Province will be held at Heishi County, Aba Prefecture on October 20

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  On October 12, the 12th (autumn) rural cultural tourism festival in Sichuan Province was held in Chengdu. The reporter was got to be in the meeting: from the Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Hall, Sichuan Agricultural Rural Hall, Hosted, Aba Prefecture People’s Government, Aba Prefecture Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau, Aba Prefecture Agricultural Rural Area, Aba State Rural Revitalization Bureau, Heishi People The government hosted by the 12th (autumn) Country Cultural Tourism Festival, fixed on October 20th, was launched in the black water in Aba Prefecture. The color of the colorful forest is the largest, the tour is the longest season, the color level is stronger, the glacier colorful forest combines the best, the colorful forest Tibetan village combines the best "Holy Glacier · Colorful Black Water", located in the northwest of Sichuan Province, Aba Tibetan Yi people In the middle of the autonomous state, a typical alpine canyon geomorphology, the territory of the gully, the area is 4,356 square kilometers, accomplishes a number of people such as Tibet,, returning, and Han, with different levels of different climate, and create rich ecological resources in the country. Very high forest coverage and numerous natural scenery, Dagu Glacier, Sanyio Snow Mountain, Tag Ganglin Park, Luhua Meeting, Carlonggou, Castein, Almado Ministry … Nine Aba There are four gold-plated business cards that have the "big long laundry, big snow mountain, big glacier, big color forest".

  It is reported that after the 2021 Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Development Conference was held in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, the 2nd (autumn) Country Cultural Tourism Festival House of Sichuan Province was located in Heishi County, Aba Prefecture, became the "most beautiful autumn in Sichuan West". The most beautiful time to see the black water ", this festival will fully show the heavy red culture, splendid historical culture, rich ecological resources and the rich results of the cultural development and rural revitalization, and accelerate the whole domain The development of the tourism industry, struggling to create a provincial-level national tourism demonstration zone and glacier colorful forest international tourism destination. The rural cultural tourism festival is 2 days, divided into three major blocks.

The first version: the opening ceremony of the rural cultural tourism festival.

The opening ceremony was held at 9:00 on October 20 at the Tourist Center Tourist Center, and there will be more than 200 guests will attend.

Second Edition block: investigate rural tourism projects, glacier colorful forest attractions.

The guests attending the event will experience the two routes of rural tourism project research and the most beautiful glacier Colorin tour, understand the beautiful black water rural characteristics, red culture and folk customs, investigate the extensive rural tourism, ecological, scientific research, etc. Boutique lines, promote diversification, personalization, and sustainable development of rural tourism products.

Third version of the block: an autonomous experience. The guests jointly entered the colorful colorful forest world, experience folk activities, feel the national culture, and touch the "recent distant". What is worth paying attention is that the country’s cultural tourism festival, black water will pay more attention to the display "travel +" and "+ tourism", and promote the development of the cultural industry to effectively integrate this big article.

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