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The Olympics have been postponed to Japan

[] The epidemic attack, the economic sentient beings on March 24, the International Olympic Committee decided to postpone the Tokyo Olympics to the summer of 2021, the name of the Olympic Games after the extension still retain the "Tokyo 2020 Olympics". The Tokyo Olympic Games has become an unavoidable reality, although the previous parties have repeatedly delayed this result, economists and civilians have already begun to estimate possible losses. Most of the countries that hold Olympic Games have experienced the prosperity of Olympics, and Japan can be well experience in this regard. It has been successfully started since 1964, and the Japanese economy is almost all the way to become the world’s second largest economy. Because of this, 2020 Tokyo Olympics carries the endless expectations of Japan.

People look forward to organizing, boost investment and consumption through the Olympic construction and Olympics, bringing long-term slimming Japanese economies to bring the construction industry, industry, business, transportation, tourism, service industry, etc. Olympic demand. In the economic account, since the success of the Olympics in 2013, in order to do this Olympic Games, the Japanese government and the people did pay a lot. The government also tries to organize the Olympics to promote the development of various undertakings, including unable cash settlements that are difficult to promote and popularize in Japan.

  Japan was originally planning to fight the Olympics, spend 700 billion yen to flush this big market, helpless budget continues to expand, the relevant provision of the Japanese government’s estimated national funds and the relevant funds of Tokyo, Japan have this year’s Olympic Games Flowers from about 3 trillion yen.

  If the Olympic Games are canceled, the most popular direct loss should be the travel special needs of the Olympics.

Based on past experience, this summer’s Olympics should be pulled by Japan GDP to increase trillion yen, counting economic wave, can zoom in to trillion yen, which is the most important loss canceled by the Olympics.

  Honorary Professor, Japan, is estimated that the cancellation of the Olympics will make Japan’s economic losses from trillion yen. In addition to the disappearance of the Olympic operating expenses and the spending expenses of the audience, the disappearance of the TV machine replacement needs, the "legacy effect" of the original tourism sightseeing after the Olympic Games will also witnessed. If the cancellation of various large activities, the cancellation of various large activities is expected to have a loss of approximately 640 billion yen. Also, not everything can be delayed.

In the sea of ??Tokyo sunny sea pier, the reporter saw a 70-year-old Japanese lady who was worried about Tokyo Olympic Village Apartment Building. She is here to buy a house, I have to enjoy the rest after the Olympics, I didn’t expect to suddenly change. She didn’t regret that the key is that the key is that I don’t know how many days I can live. In fact, some losses are difficult to calculate.

The Olympic Games can not only boost all kinds of sports activities in Japan and national health awareness, but promote the construction of infrastructure centered on sports facilities, improve the visibility of the city, build a city image worldwide, but also cultivate the public. Participate in awareness, attracting people to join volunteer activities to promote national international exchanges. The Olympics extension, for the Japanese people, psychological losing is still huge. Especially in the current context, Japan has experienced a loss of more than 20 years, and the long-term downturn, there is a negative growth. The status of the international community and the ever have become the past. Japan needs a lot of things to boost your own spirit. .

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