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The national test written test ends, candidates feel "five flavors": do not test, there is no time to write

At the end of the application exam, the written test stage of the 2022 national examination was officially finished. From the number of applicants, the number of candidates in the 22nd exam for the first time broke through 2 million, the number of applicants and the actual participation candidates have increased significantly.

68: 1 The report is "hopeful": The national civil service exam is really difficult! After the 2022 national civil service examination written test, many candidates under the topic of this idea at this moment: or regret, or relieved. 2022 national examination written test end, the mood of candidates is really "five flavors". In addition, there is a candidate directly "spit": I don’t have time to write. "I didn’t even enter the examination room" national civil servant written test is divided into line testing and application, with the main testing of candidates, logical judgment capabilities, and knowledge reserves, and the application is mainly summarized, analyzed and solved. The ability of the problem.

From the feedback from the candidates after the written test, the test questions of the application are still in the rules, but there are many difficulty in the difficulty of test volumes.

For example, the historical and geographic problems of common sense judgment modules have appeared in Xi’an and Yulin, and the explanation of the speech understanding is still very strong.

In addition, because the speech understanding module delays more time, resulting in data analysis and logic reasoning without reserved enough time.

The more difficult test questions in front is not grasped, and the relatively easy topic behind it has no time to write.

The following is the dynamics issued after the exam: Although the results of the national examination may not be very ideal, the candidate’s literary talent is still unable.

"Bravings, afternoon calligraphy classes", common sense topics to investigate encyclopedia, speech understanding, reading speed, quantity relationship is full, data analysis is similar to artificial calculator simulation. The difficulty of test volumes in 2022 can be seen.