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Beijing Pinggu District accelerates the "thirst" of the irrigation project

People’s Network Beijing June 10th, "Listening to the village to start the red apricot irrigation project, I didn’t expect to use it soon, it is really time, I am going to be familiar, I can’t have drought, just good I caught up and watered, I didn’t have a delay. I really helped my busy! "Apricot Nong Liu Xingwen, Beizhai Village, Pinggu District, Beijing pointed to irrigation facilities, and the voice was very happy," No more busy to pull the water. "Beizhai Village, Zhai Zhai Village, Shanglehe Town, Pinggu District, is known for planting special fruit" Beizhai Anti-Apricot ", now has nearly a hundred years of red apricot cultivation history, red apricot cultivation area 10,000 mu is a famous "Chinese Red Aprid".

However, the irrigation water required for the development of the Natural Conditions has been very limited, there is no natural water source on the mountain, the lake and well water under the mountain can not be used, the farming period is extremely limited, the apricot yield and The quality is difficult to ensure that the Northern Vasi’s apricot has become a road to the road to the road of prosperity. "Our apricot tree is in the mountains, and every time, the flowering sitting is afraid that the sky is not rain, the apricot droughts.

There is no way, I can only pull the water with a tricycle to the hill, some places are too steep, can’t go, the apricot tree has to eat, can only eat it by heaven.

"Xi Nong Liu Xingwen said.

In order to crack the apricot the water problem, further protect the taste of the "Beizhai Apricot" geographic marker product, improve fruit quality, and protect the income of fruit farmers.

Town village two levels adhere to party building leaders, combined with party history, "I do practical things for the masses", and hold a "two committees" meeting, the party member meeting, the party member meeting, and the village representative conference, collectively discuss the specific implementation plan of the Apricot Irrigation Engineering, Finally, it is determined that a tree is used to solve the problem of rural irrigation water problems in a water bag, ensuring that this year’s red apricot is filled with water.

In order to ensure that the irrigation water source is sufficient, the Village "two committees" fully excavated the existing water resources, and has been found to find water sources, newly adding the surface water sources.

When I don’t misunderstand, according to the principle of "no one, do not leak a tree", the production team is reported to the water demand, and the water point is marked. The Village "Two Committee" organizes technical workers to form an engineering team, lay pipe, install equipment.

The irrigation project utilizes a water pump to pump the water under the mountains into a water capsule of a few hundred meters, and the water is sent to each apricot tree in the form of small tube delivery. Construction in the deep mountain, difficulty is not small, transportation is a great challenge.

"Although the road to the mountains on the mountain is hardened, the road is steep, and the road is limited. In the specific implementation process, the workers can only use electric tricycles to pull the water pipe and pump to go up the mountain, and then rely on manpower, lift, roll Move to the destination.

Liu Fusong, secretary of the party branch of Beizhai Village, said. Time, task, under the correct leadership of the party committee, Beizhai Village overcome the difficulties, and strive to grab the project progress. Project started on April 7, 2021 2 months of construction Construction of 27 water storage points, 4,000 meters of water pipes, more than 2,200 rows of water storage, more than 2,600 mu, realize the full coverage of the temporary water supply of 6 large pieces of the Red Apricot Base, basically solved this year’s North Village apricot hard core The problem of the use of water, all of the redprousvip producing areas are in place, and it is fully equipped to ensure that this year’s Shenzhai Red Apricot is increased.

Nanjie Lehe Town, the village actively explores the new method of water-saving irrigation in the mountainous area, high quality and efficient promotion of the pre-project process of the Apricot Base, gaining the high recognition of the people of Beizhai, further enhance the cohesiveness and heart force of the Village Party Branch, It is better to improve the level of village level organization.

Next, South Altitude Lehe Town will promote the progress of the Beijing Village will be promoted, further improve the irrigation efficiency of agricultural production, strengthen the demonstration lead, build high-efficiency water-saving irrigation pilots, build a wisdom orchid apricot, Brand transformation upgrade path. (Editor: Mensus, Gaoxing).