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Be courage, good at as (people’s point of view)

  Only practice as a hard ridge, iron shoulders, true things, hard work, unremitting struggle, can create innocent people, innocent people, innocent in the era, all things that are beneficial to the party and people, we must Do not avoid refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dried, and strongly dry "will be big, the chrysanthemum industry should be strong, the chrysanthemum industry should be strong", "After 80" Poverty Alleviation Cadre Qiu Jun wrote the last moment of life, it is "Lin Heng Ming Tao 3, Lei Shueli Peach 17, Lan Xie Jin Tao 6", the work notes of the village cadres Sun Limei, and related matters related to the masses are always particularly detailed.

In the past few days, the "Time model" Qiu Jun and Sun Li’s story directly hit the people’s hearts, they rushed to the mountains, fighting in the country, until the last moment of life. They interpret the initial mission of the Communists with practical actions, reflecting the cadres of cadres who dare to meet, and diligently dedicated to the dedication of the dedication, and encourage the majority of party members and cadres to act as a new meteorology in the new era.

  "A businessman is active, it is the responsibility of the cadre, is also the value.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged the majority of young cadres to" courageous, be good at "the party, the party, the party, the party, the central government, the central party school (the National Institute of Administration), encouraged the young cadres to be" courageous, good at ". The party puts the cadres in various positions. A dozen officials, rather than doing offers. Cadres dare to act as a political character, but also from government.

For young cadres, only practice as a hard ridge, iron shoulders, true things, hard work, unremitting struggle, can create innocent people, innocent people, worthy of performance.

  Can you dare to be responsible, courageous, and you can see the party spirit and style of cadres. Huang Dafa, "Water, I can’t go, take the paved", dare to smash the bones, "the" burning lights "Zou Bihua, returning to the country, written in the new era of youth song, Huang Wenxiu, suffering from step-by-frozen symptoms Busy Zhang Dingyu … A excellent Communist Party member shows the actual action show: dare to work, dare to be "in front of difficulties", do it, bravely be burden; ", Courage to open up, unremitting;

Today, the reform and development is so stable, and the young cadres must put the mission in their hearts. Put the responsibility on the shoulders, dare to change the water, and strike the waves.

  As a result, it is not as an integral, it is not as good as it is, it is necessary. Do not take care of it, not only can’t make things, but also do not destinate bad things, and delays.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We are a person, for the official, there must be heaters, there must be a spirit, you should be shameful for" the official is not "."

Cadres cadres, doing the head, how big is how to do a lot of business, do you have much more responsibility.

I can’t just want to be the official, I don’t want to do business, I just want to take the right to do not want to be responsible, just want to make a lot of money. The greenhouse does not have a big tree, and the slack is not a grandeur.

The young cadres should be brave enough to pick up the burden, smash the bones, hot hands and sickness, resolutely do not do politics, confused faint men, do not make a full day, the lazy official who is not careless, do not push the skin, do not think about it, do not do Cruise for glouting, degenerative and deteriorating. Doing things is always risky.

Because there is risky, you need to take it.

In reality, some hard bones are not good, often need to spend a lot of heart, it may also be risky, responsible; some difficult problems involve wide, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough in the short term, but it must be broken, solve the problem.

In the face of such a situation, how do the Communists respond? Liao Junbo, secretary of the National Excellent County Party Committee, once said, "As long as it is to develop, for the masses, I will be bold, and I have a responsibility."

Measuring party members, cadres have no spirit of struggle, is it dare to be active, it is necessary to see the big big non-dare to be bright sword, in the face of contradictions, dare not meet, facing the crisis dare to come forward, face the mistake I don’t dare to take responsibility, and I will not dare to fight the evil spirits. Anything that is conducive to the party and the people, we must not take refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dry, and firmly dry. The journey is righteous, and the thousands of people will start again. The more close to the national rejuvenation, the more full of risk challenges and even the waves, the more you need the wide younger cadres to practice the wide shoulders, the true nature of the affairs. The actor who started, did not do the story of the story, when attacking the hard struggle The cadre can be moved forward and walked forward. After another mountain, I went to a peak, and I crossed a ditch and then I became a new situation through the resolution problem.

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