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From now on, Taixing will carry out three -wheeled nucleic acid testing of all -round all -staff nucleic acid testing. 39 are negative

People’s Daily Online, March 13th (Zhang Yufeng) In the early morning of the 13th, Taixing City returned to Tai’s home health monitoring personnel nucleic acid test and found that one person was positive. In order to fully protect the health and life safety of the people, the headquarters of the Taixing Epidemic City New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Institute of Defense Corporation has clearly stated that from now on, Taixing will carry out three -wheeled nucleic acid testing throughout the city. In the announcement of the city No. 3, the scope of nucleic acid testing personnel includes all citizens in the city, including foreign personnel in Thailand, and conducting full nucleic acid testing for three consecutive days.

The No. 4 announcement announced that night disclosed that after receiving a positive test results, the emergency response mechanism of the Taixing outbreak prevention and control was immediately launched to fully carry out epidemiological investigations and relevant personnel investigations. As of 17:00 on the 13th, 39 people were investigated (32 people in the city, 7 people in the city), and 307 people (all people in the city). The test results are negative.

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