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Create a comfortable bedroom to sleep

Create a comfortable bedroom to sleep

There is plenty of time in your life to spend in your sleep.

Therefore, it is really important to create a bedroom environment that is good for sleep.

  1: The bedroom is good for sleeping south or southwest.

The brain in sleep still needs a lot of oxygen, while the south or southwest is sunny and airy, and at night it is very comfortable.

  2: The space for sleep should be small and not large.

Without affecting the use, the smaller the sleeping space, the more intimate and safe it is because of the prevalence of a private psychological relationship.

  3: The width of the bed is more than 70 cm.

The width is too narrow, it is not easy to make people fall asleep. This is because when people are sleeping, there are still warning points in the brain, and the activities are constant, lest they fall out of bed when they turn over.

  4: The bed is placed on the side of the bed against the wall, and the double passage is better.

This not only helps to get out of bed, go to bed, but also makes people full of spaciousness, causing air circulation.

  5: It is soft, easy, warm, dry and clean; pajamas should be wide, bed pillowcases, mosquito nets, etc.

  6: Keep the bedroom, the bedding is clean, and no debris is accumulated under the bed, so as to avoid the dirt and dirt, causing the breeding and breeding of mosquitoes and squirrels, and disturbing sleep.