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To longevity, men and women, anti-blocking, female leakage prevention

To longevity, men and women, anti-blocking, female leakage prevention

Everyone knows that smooth stool is one of the health standards. In fact, ensuring urinary patency is normal and an important part of health.

But unlike constipation, the problem of urinating is different between men and women: men must prevent blockages and women should prevent leaks.

  Male dysuria, mainly due to old age caused by insulin capsule atrophy, caused by prostatic hypertrophy.

Frequent urination, dysuria, poor urination and other symptoms of “blocking” are typical manifestations, which seriously lead to a decline in quality of life.

For example, frequent urination will affect sleep; urination is not clean, which will lead to bacterial infection; long-term urination is not smooth, which will affect kidney function.

  In order to prevent “blocking”, you should first avoid urinating and sedentary; secondly, eat less spicy foods such as spicy food, and quit smoking and alcohol; after 60 years of age, check the urinary system every year.

In the event of urinary dysfunction, you can start by adjusting your lifestyle and take medication for treatment if necessary.

  In contrast to men, older women are primarily exposed to urinary incontinence.

Sun Lifang, deputy director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, said that urinating can not be self-controlled to “leak” out of the body, which will bring great embarrassment and inconvenience to life, and it is easy to cause infection.

  There are many causes of urinary incontinence, resulting in coughing, laughing, sneezing, and urinary incontinence when lifting heavy objects, mainly caused by a sudden increase in abdominal pressure.

This may be related to pregnancy, childbirth damage to the pelvic floor muscles, and may be associated with decreased estrogen levels after middle age.

There is also a kind of urinary incontinence caused by urinary tract infection, which is manifested as a sudden want to urinate, and it is too late to go to the toilet to wet the pants.

  People with stress urinary incontinence should pay attention not to mention heavy items often; do not take too long for squatting; eat light foods rich in fiber to prevent abdominal pressure caused by constipation; actively treat high blood pressure, bronchitisDiseases such as obesity are also beneficial to prevent abdominal pressure from being too high.

In addition, it is best to do 45-100 levator exercises every morning and before going to bed.