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Nine eating habits of longevity

Nine eating habits of longevity

As long as the mine does not move to the following nine small eating habits, it can help people to delay their lives.

  Drinking two glasses of water before each meal before meals can reduce the sense of drought and food intake.

  Raw onions and cancer-proof onions are rich in flavonoids that protect the heart. Eating half a day or drinking the same amount of onion juice can increase the “good cholesterol” of heart patients by about 30%.

Sun Mengli, director of the Department of Nutrition, Peking University First Hospital, pointed out that onions are really good for high blood pressure, high blood fat and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, and they are eaten raw and have the best effect.

  Use cold water to boil black tea with the ratio of green vegetables or carrots. Black tea contains more antioxidants, which can effectively help you resist wrinkles and cancer.

According to the latest research in Japan, people who drink more than two cups of black tea a day are 30% less likely to be infected with the flu virus than those who don’t.

Tea with hot water will release more caffeine and tannin than cold water, causing headaches, insomnia and other symptoms, and using cold boiled tea instead of beneficial substances in the case of not being destroyed, slowlyDissolution.

  Eat high-fiber foods before going to bed to eat low-conversion residual snacks half an hour before going to bed. Some cereals help sleep.

  Some vegetarian dishes have to be “snapped” to eat more oil, but it is not good to eat at all.

Pumpkins and carrots are rich in β-carotene, so they should not be eaten too lightly. It is more beneficial to absorb nutrients with oil.

If the pumpkin is used to cook porridge, then when you eat other dishes, there is oil in the dish and let them meet in the stomach.

  When you eat cold vegetables in the cold sauce, it is best to put the prepared sauce in a small bowl and eat it with the chopped vegetables. Thus, the sauce you need is only 1/6 of the original.

  Cold water washing, hot water washing dishes Many people wash the meat, like to take hot water for a while.

As everyone knows, washing meat with warm water or hot water is not only easy to deteriorate, but also causes the meat to be disturbed, which will accelerate the loss of protein, amino acids and B vitamins in the meat.

It is better to use warm water when washing fruits and vegetables. Warm water is easier to remove pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables than cold water.

  Dark fruit anti-aging can not be determined when buying fruit, choose the dark one.

Light-colored fruits, dark fruits contain more antioxidants, vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and other substances, with anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging and other effects.

  Dinner is better than late, the peak of human body calcium is 4 after meal?
5 hours, dinner is too late, affecting sleep, hoarding changes, and easily lead to urinary calculi.

The best time for dinner for the elderly is best at 6 or 7 pm, and should not eat or eat less nightingale.