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Love the Venice, slowly shake the romantic date in the paddle sound and shadow

Love the Venice, slowly shake the romantic date in the paddle sound and shadow

Recommended reason: enjoy the fascinating scenery of Venice + the tribute of Gondola, and experience the deep meaning of defending and guarding love with your lover.

  Best time: 6 per year?

  Warm reminder: When visiting St. Mark’s Church, you need to pay attention to the church’s rules for not wearing a sleeveless shirt and wearing shorts.

On the mask of the carnival, there are doubts on the masks of the weird smiley carnival, the strange smiles, the legendary middle-loving fairies, or the sorcerers who vent their private thoughts in the conspiracy, as well as the salvation heroes and petite little fairies.The image was painted by red, precipitated with purple, and then stunned by gold, and looked at the Hua Weili of Lace.

I recognized you at a glance, chasing the soft purple on the mask, and walking the color of your love.

  Venice is located in the easternmost part of Italy, bordering Eastern Europe, with beautiful coastline and charming ski slopes.

Venice is a city without buses, 117 islands, 150 canals are connected by 400 bridges, and there is a “Gondola” in the middle.

It is said that Gondola is strictly made, 11 meters long and nearly one and a half meters wide. It is made of slabs of black wood and seven times.

In the 5th century, the first generation of Venetians, in order to escape the invasion, relied on the ship and fled to the future surrounded by small islands and swamps, and built Venice with both hands.

Venice in September is the tourist season in Venice.

It should be because the climate was pleasant at the time, and the other was because there was the most grand Gondola festival of the year.

  Every year on the first Sunday of September, the antique Gondola ceremonial event – “Thunder Tower Storica”, this gorgeous festival of antiques on the Grand Canal, is vaguely aware of the former “AdriThe Queen of the Sea of Asia, the famous Venice, is the most Venetian day.

People expressed their gratitude to the Navy, Gondola and the boat, and the fear of it was concentrated in this festival.

People dressed in gorgeous costumes, boats imitating medieval decorations, music reverberating over the city, visitors can stand around the canal to watch this spectacular celebration, it is said that because of the former, the Ms Slavs robbed the bride at the collective weddingThe young man, who took the bride back and used it to get home with Gangola Lara.

Contains the deep meaning of defending and guarding love.

  The number of tourists in Venice has been greatly reduced, and the face of ordinary cities has been slightly restored.

Let’s visit the smoky St. Mark’s Square and have a cup of coffee at the Florian Cafe.

When the cold body slowly warmed up, it seems that it was once the entrepreneurship in 1702, suspiciously the regulars of the world’s oldest café, Goethe, Cassanogua Hugh, and the doubtsAt that time.

The leisurely and luxurious winter of Venice is also very attractive.

There are several islands in the annex to the romantic water city of Venice. You can go and see the life of people who live here because of the love of the city.

The houses on the island are simple in style, but the most roofs and interiors are like flying notes, and the wooden doors are bustling with funny dolls.

The island sells bright hand-made fabrics, and you can buy a dark green tablecloth with your loved ones, and spread the articles and warm grass.

Rest on top or on your back, or play like a child.