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Moxibustion, kidney deficiency, low back pain, at that time, how to moxibustion these acupuncture points?

Moxibustion, kidney deficiency, low back pain, at that time, how to moxibustion these acupuncture points?

Symptoms of kidney deficiency and low back pain There are two kinds of kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms of low back pain are backache, cold in the limbs, chills, and even edema. The main symptoms of kidney yin are backache, dryness, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, and tinnitus.

If you have these symptoms, you can use moxibustion and kidney to treat.

Pick acupuncture points Shenshu, life door Taixi and Sanyinjiao each hole, daily moxibustion once, each hole for 20 minutes.

Why do you want to moxibustion these acupuncture points? Shenshu points, we first look at Shenshu, Yutong loses, Shenshu is acupuncture points injected directly by kidney gas, whether it is kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency, as long as it is a kidney problem,Can’t live without it.

It is an acupuncture point of yin and yang, and it can stimulate the vitality of the kidneys by moxibustion with Moxa.

So it is a key point for the treatment of low back pain.

Taixi Point Taixi is the original point of the kidney. The meaning of the original point has the origin and the meaning of the motive force. Therefore, the moxibustion Taixi point can fully regulate the vitality of the kidney.

Therefore, with Shenshu with Taixi, you can use the treatment of kidney deficiency and low back pain, in fact, kidney deficiency caused by various reasons, you can use these two points to treat.

If you are in the moxibustion of these two points, and then moxibustion Sanyinjiao, Mingmen points, it can be called the kidney deficiency type of low back pain moxibustion treatment model.

The place where the Taixi point is in the depression of the trailing edge of the foot, and where there is acid, swelling, and pain, is the point.

The life gate is the door of the human body, and all the energy of the human being is implanted into the yang of the kidney. The moxibustion hits the door, which is the boost for the extraterrestrial fire.

The life gate is in the middle of the waist where the navel is facing.

If the three acupuncture points of the Sanyinjiao point are focused on tonifying the kidney, then the Sanyinjiao will focus on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Everyone knows that Sanyinjiao is a common acupoint for treating dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and falling out of the collapse. Why Sanyinjiao can treat these diseases.

It is inseparable from its role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

And most of the low back pain.

There is congestion, so the pain is nowhere, the congestion stops at the waist, causing poor blood circulation at the waist.

Moxibustion Sanyinjiao.

It is possible to lead the good blood and smash the blood, and naturally it will not hurt.

Therefore, many people only know antler, cockroaches, and cordyceps water are big medicines for tonifying the kidneys. In fact, Taixi, Mingmen, Shenshu, etc. are the real medicines and the treasures of life.

Taking care of these acupuncture points, the symptoms of low back pain will be relieved.

The four fingers of the right hand are close together and placed flat on the inner foot. The joint at the middle joint of the index finger is the hole.