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In the fall, in addition to the summer wetness, remember the four small coups, health, phlegm and blood!

In the fall, in addition to the summer wetness, remember the “four small coups”, health, phlegm and blood!

Chinese medicine believes that “summer wet autumn”.

When the summer arrives, the body will accumulate too much moisture. In the autumn, we must find ways to get rid of it. Otherwise, the body will not be better in a winter, and various diseases will come to the door.

Therefore, the most important task for us in the fall is to “dehumidify and detoxify”, and to completely eradicate moisture, the body can become healthier and healthier.

For many people, the understanding of moisture may not be very detailed. I don’t even know where the moisture is coming from. Let’s take a closer look today.

There are two main sources of summer wetness: First, the iced food that is eaten: no matter what the circumstances, the alternating hot and cold is very bad.

When we drink a lot of iced drinks and eat cold food, these will cause harm to our warm body, especially to the spleen and stomach.

Once the transport function of the spleen and stomach is destroyed, the water in the body cannot be normally metabolized, which will cause the moisture in the human body to increase.

Spicy, fat food: Some spicy foods and greasy meats can’t be eaten often.

Because excessive intake of these foods, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach disorders, moisture can not be normal metabolism, it will accumulate inside the body, long days and long, wet weight is difficult to avoid.

Second, the external environment and climate are warm and cold: The Qinling Huaihe River divides China into subtropical and temperate zones. Both of these climates have more summer rains, especially in the south and coastal areas.

Not only is the summer time shortened, but because the climate is hot, the surface water evaporates quickly, and the residual amount in the air is very rich, so the humidity will be heavier.

Seasonal changes: The temperature rises in the summer and the weather becomes hot, so we began to reduce clothes and put on short sleeves, shorts and skirts.

In winter, the temperature has dropped and the weather has cooled. We started to add clothes and put on sweaters, coats and thick cotton jackets.

Under the alternating heat and cold, our body may not be able to adapt to this change, and there is a situation of water and moisture accumulation, so the moisture is aggravated.

The body is really susceptible to the surrounding environment, so the symptoms associated with moisture often occur.

Heavy moisture, the most direct performance is: First, dry mouth, mouth bitter, bad breath, bad smell in the mouth.

Second, puffiness, a small belly, a few layers of swimming ring in the abdomen.

Third, the eyes are prone to soreness, fatigue, or a feeling of loss of vision.

Fourth, the recent poor appetite, easy to nausea, nausea, indigestion.

Fifth, the stool is dry or sticky, not formed, and the urine is red.

Six, skin acne, eczema, ulcer itching, repeated episodes of acute measles.

Seven, the teeth are yellow, no luster, and the gums are red and the lips are reddish.

Eight, often feel the body is hot, the skin is hot, especially the hands and feet are particularly fond of fever, sweating.

Nine, the body is groggy, feeling weak, drowsy, no spirit, dizzy.

Ten, the hair is greasy after 2 days without washing, there is dandruff, the complexion is yellow, dark, greasy and oily.

Eleven, often feel upset, sleep quality is not good, a little movement will wake up, or suddenly inexplicably suddenly wake up.

At the time of dehumidification, keep in mind the “four small coups”: the first measure, taking into account the amount of daily diet: daily diet should pay attention to moderation, do not overeating, eat only eight minutes to eat, in order to avoid indigestion.

Food processing: The food is selected to be the freshest, and the added food in the food farther from the table is less.

Also try to reduce the intake of processed foods, avoid greasy and thick taste, and keep less salt and more vinegar diet.

Types of food: Food must be kept in a variety of ways, mainly based on coarse grains and vegetables and fruits.

Especially to add the most fresh vegetables, some leeks, spinach, basil, leeks, Chinese cabbage, spinach, potatoes, hawthorn, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, etc.

The second measure, homemade spleen and damp tea daily drinking dampness tea – Wucao root Amomum tea, can not only penetrate the effect of dampness, but also spleen and stomach.

Herba Root Amomum Tea is a kind of dampness tea made from 20 kinds of ingredients such as medlar, Amomum, licorice, tangerine peel, medlar, musk, coix seed, winter melon, ginseng, red bean, alfalfa and bergamot.

When you are free, you can make it into a tea bag and take a bag every day. The effect of spleen and dampness is also very large.

The third measure, moderate perspiration to promote perspiration is very beneficial for dampness, but to ensure moderate, too much sweat is not conducive to dampness, because it may cause resonance disturbance, or a cold.

For moderate sweating, proper exercise is required. The best perspiration exercise is aerobic exercise.

For example, fast walking, jogging, yoga, tai chi, swimming, cycling and other sports can promote the smooth circulation of blood and blood, and also enhance the body’s water for reasonable metabolism.

People who like to be lazy, the body must have a lot of moisture, it is best to take the method of wicking and squeezing, and move it.The fourth measure, moxibustion, Hegu, moxibustion and dampness is a very effective method of dampness, which is simple and effective.

Therefore, in daily life, more moxibustion, wet and wet position – Hegu point, can achieve a good spleen and dampness effect.

Long-term adherence to this moxibustion method will greatly enhance the effect of phlegm.

Hegu acupoint selection method: the thumb of the first hand, the first joint horizontal stripes, facing the tiger’s mouth of the other hand, the thumb flexes and presses, and the fingertip is the Hegu point.

From Hegu 3?
5 cm, moxibustion, moxibustion to acupoints warm, slightly reddish, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Every time moxibustion 10?
15 minutes, once a day, can be completely good phlegm effect.