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Lotus root season, good health, can not be missed

Lotus root season, good health, can not be missed

Today we are undoubtedly a very seasony food: lotus root.

Some people say that “Hollywood is a treasure, and the autumn is the most tonic”, indicating that this is an excellent food for health care in this season. In this season, the lotus root tastes excellent and nutritious, and it is most suitable for autumn consumption.

Chinese medicine believes that the lotus roots are cold and cold, have the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. There is a classic formula called “five juices”, which is to use five kinds of heat-reducing fire, thirst, and clear lung and stomach.After taking the medicine and juicing, it can be suitable for patients with dry mouth, dry mouth, dry cough and sputum, upset insomnia, constipation, etc. due to autumn dryness, yin deficiency and internal heat.Several herbs are also available in Sydney, horseshoe, Rhizoma Imperatae, and Ophiopogon japonicus.

Of course, after the lotus root is cooked, its nature changes from cold to warm, and it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and nourishing the qi and blood. Any appearance of spleen and stomach deficiency or lack of blood and blood is pale and pale, or the face is sallow or female becauseGas does not take blood, resulting in excessive menstrual bleeding, you can use more edible lotus root, to nurse the spleen and stomach, nursed qi and blood.

There is a chastity in Chinese medicine. Many of us are used to eating sputum. In this medicine, it can help stop bleeding and promote blood circulation, especially for menstruation, without leaving blood.The role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is a very common drug for menstruation in women.

Although the lotus root is very good, there are still some taboos. Sometimes fresh lotus roots or juicing are used. Cold and cold are easy to damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach can not eat too much; while cooked lotus roots are relatively calm and warm.However, there are many starches rich in it. Some people are prone to bloating after eating lotus root. If people with poor spleen and stomach function, they should also reduce their consumption.

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