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Hazard of putting the phone on the pillow while sleeping

Hazard of putting the phone on the pillow while sleeping

Radiation from mobile phones can be harmful to the user’s brain, including Alzheimer’s disease.

This adds another evidence to the statement that the mobile phone is harmful to radiation.

  In the experiment, researchers at Lund University in Sweden used a pulse of microwaves similar to those emitted from mobile phones to illuminate mice.

In two minutes, the researchers found that the brain tissue of the mouse was “opened” due to the loss of defense function, and the damaging proteins and toxins in the blood were easily entered.

Similarly, as long as the radiation wave from the mobile phone is next to the brain for two minutes, the body’s defense function to prevent harmful proteins and toxins from entering the brain will also be lost.

Once a harmful protein enters the brain, the risk of developing brain and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis will increase.

  The mobile phone manufacturer’s Air Force has always been ahead of mobile phone radiation to meet safety standards.

This study raises doubts about the safety indicators currently being developed by the World Health Organization.

Experts suggest that it is best not to wait until the radiation harmfulness of the phone is fully confirmed before taking precautions.

  Scientists officially announced for the first time that several researchers at the University of Essen in Germany have recently announced that people who regularly use mobile phones may be three times more likely to suffer from eye cancer than those who use mobile phones. This is the first time scientists have published cell phone radiation that can cause cancer.Official statement.

In the Air Force, some scientists pointed out that cell phone radiation can cause temporary damage to brain cells. This is the first time scientists have pointed out that repeated use of mobile phones can cause permanent damage to the human body.

  If the results of the above studies are confirmed by further research, patients who regularly use mobile phones and have eye cancer will file a large-scale lawsuit against the mobile phone company.

  According to reports, the above scientists studied an eye cancer called malignant melanoma. The eye cancer patients have melanoma on the iris and retina, which can cause blindness and decreased vision.

Dr. Andres Stan, one of the researchers, said that he had studied 118 patients with this type of eye cancer in the experiment and asked about their use of mobile phones, and then with some of them without the disease.The comparison between the people found that the former used the mobile phone far more than the upper limit.

  In the end, the specific reasons for how to use the mobile phone to cause eye cancer are still unclear, but according to scientists, the internal environment of the human eye is moist, which helps the absorption of mobile phone radiation.