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“Let me listen to them tomorrow.。”

Wang Lin will write half of the letter,Some are not at ease,Put again on the oil lamp.。
“Go to Yangzhou,That must go to Yangzhou!I heard that Yangzhou is rich in oil.,Don’t go!”
Sima Panzhong excitedly took the table,his words,Goted a lot of people in the scene,Everyone nodded,Only a few people don’t talk,Frowning。
Yesterday’s dinner hall,More people gathered,Some of them are not qualified to come here will be,It is also fun at this moment.,It should be“highbgrid”Hall,It becomes like a vegetable market。
Wang Lin is sitting in the main position,Not talk,Just a smile,Squeezed a bit stiff。
“Pan Zhong,Yangzhou has money to take,You must also spend talent。There is money without spending,It is thenest,You are not。”
Sitting in Lu Na, who is around Wang Lin, said with Pan Zhong。
“What do you mean??”
Pan Zhongnang is hot and young,Immediately shoot。Lu Nag is not promising,When he dared to tell Wang Lin with the king,Dare to fight,Can say that there is no dare to dry。
“I mean,I said some people’s eyes short!Yangzhou trip,May be a trap。Moreover,Don’t you still go?,That is not what you said.,That is to say that the Lord said.!”
“Stop,Stop,Listen to me say two sentences。”
Wang Lin took two shots,The scene is quiet.。he,Is the only big 佬 here,Say that a big 佬!
“You are also taking a bunch of brothers.,Don’t be too selfish,I will ask what people under your hand think.,Two days,Come back to discuss。Anyway, this matter,Not a day two days a day。
I will write a letter to the high greater governor of Yucheng.,Try a look,Then look again,How do you go next step?,What do you have??”
This is almost the most steady way.,What can these people think about??Everyone is arched:“Must Kong!”
Wang Lin is revealed that the lower part will go.,When everyone leaves,Lu Na did not take,Instead, it seems that there is an important thing to say.。
“Leader,I see that you seem to have determined to go to Huainan.,This line,Can you really??”
Lu Nai asked。
Inside all parts,Lu Nag is the most concerned Wang Lin himself,It is also the most faithful one。This is the charm of Wang Lin’s personality.。He has the ability to unite the thieves of those running waterways.。
“Impulsive,I am not for me alone.,But for all people think。Jing Wei’s land,Not long-lasting place,at this point,You should also see it.,How can I have always gave Qi Guo to see a door??”
Lu Na listened to this,I really want to spit a sentence:Don’t you go to Huainan??
But think about Yangzhou’s rich,Even if you look at the door,At least there are more than dog food.?As long as everyone should get it,Where is the difference??
When the soldiers eat food,You really think that what is the country?nonexistent,The bones of Liang Guo have already rotted a mess.,Almost identify can’t appear。
Also said that the two Huai area,Always,Both the combination of the North and South,Them,At the end“Northerners”,still is“Southern”,I really want to make a question mark.。
“But the main public,Though,But this along the road,How do we guarantee safety??How can Qi, how can I rest assured that a military is in the hinterland??”
Lu Napo has a key issue,That is,Not only Wang Lin is afraid to go to Huainan by Gao Baoyi,Beizi,It is also very afraid of Wang Lin to become the second Hou Jing.。
After all, there is a tasting of the front car of Liang Emperor.,Who is not afraid??
NS1075chapter The last big 佬 in the rivers and lakes(Down)
“why you?”Shanleo opens the door,See a thin tight figure,Even if I have a fight,Can you see who it?。“Delivery to the main public,In one way,Take you with the little son to return to Yucheng。Fuyang may soon be a war,It’s not a long time.。”People who talk about are bamboo poles,In addition to the trip to Wang Lin,There is an additional“Small task”,That is, I can go to the city.。Even bamboo poles feel,This thing is the truly wanted Gao Biyi.,Other one is only。“Come in and then say it.。”Shanleo,She let the other party enter the door,Just speaking because standing at the door,Impact is not very good。Come to the yard,Bamboo rose look around,Very elegant place,It seems that Shanleo is not bad here.。certainly,These are on the surface,What is actually,That only knows。In short, the bamboo pole does not want to listen to these things.,Nothing at all。“Say,What should you bring?。”Solitaryone is not as good as a good。Gao Bo Yi this person is really a soul,Is it very clear about it?,I was derailed for myself.,Just as white let him play,Do not compare each other,Don’t be entangled in the future。Why is this to send someone to pick yourself?,His so many women,Is it enough to play??“In the lower mouth,Not good words,The main public has not explained,Write this letter,Let me bring you。”Bamboo pole picks down the bamboo tube between the waist,Scrape,Then hand in the inside to solitary。“Next tomorrow。”Bamboo pole is not a person who is completely unreasonable.,He can see it,Some woman,In fact, the mouth is。Single gamro said that last year was a daughter.……Can she say it??“I will send you out.。”Shanleo feels a few paper in his hand,She didn’t even dare to open in front of the bamboo pole.,Afraid of emotional collapse。When the two came to the door of the hospital,Bamboo pole:“Send it here.,There is a sentence,I don’t know if I’m improperly speaking.,Said that I am afraid of lady。”“You said.,Nothing can’t say,I am like this now.。”Shanleo is sighing。“You can live alone alone,But high-quality?He also follows you,Become a unreasonable person??Have he made the son of the Lord??”“You live in your mouth!How do I raise my son is my thing?,I don’t need to say three four!”Solo,I can’t wait to launch the bamboo pole.。“lady……Be discouraged,In terms of high instructive identity,If you don’t learn no,I am afraid that the life is difficult.,Because his grandfather is solitary,Not an unknown man,War people think twice。”After the bamboo pole,Say out of the door,Just like it has never been there.。“Ugh,What is going to do??”Shanle galo lights forehead,be terribly upset,I want to tear the letter in my hand.,Finally, I will open it.,There is no missed one sentence.。A long time later,I don’t remember that I read this letter.,The solo gamro wiped the tears of the corner with cuffs,But I found that the three-year-old son high-spirited eyes looked at themselves.,I don’t talk for a long time.。“mother,What’s wrong with you?”Hao Chengyu, the sound of the sound of milk。“Small,Mother asked you,If you have a few days, you will go far from a uncle.,Then follow your Gao Bo Bole study,Are you willing??”“Mother is going?”Gao Chengguo asked curiously,It seems that it doesn’t reject it to the distance.,I didn’t feel scared。“mother……Don’t go,However, you will definitely go there to see you there.。”“Can you come earlier??”Hao Chengguan’s asked。He is not able to do it.,But can you see him earlier?,It can be seen that although this child is very small.,But it is not a child who has no idea.。Solitaryo, this is just a good look at people,Already penetrating the temper of Gao Chengguang。This child is not a idle,He will definitely be a big event later.,Not inactive。so,Can’t let his childhood abandon。Shanle gado decided to put her with Gao Bao’s grievances and put it slightly,Let the high school will go to the city to say。at least,Can’t let him lose to others at first,at this point,Her idea,Al still consistent with Gao Boyi。Single gamro touched the head of high-rise,Hold him in his arms,Looking up at the white cloud cover the sun,It seems to rain。……The bamboo pole stays in Xiangyang City a few days.,If you don’t do, you will like to go around.,Wang Lin is, he is a guest,I haven’t been hard to be hard.,Everything is from him,Only a little restriction,That is not to leave Xiangyang City.。this day,Lu Na came to the residence of bamboo pole,See this Gao Bao’s personal guard,Practice sword!“Mr. Good Sword!”Seeing the bamboo rushing sword,Lu Nai is standing on the side。This is not entirely a guest,The swordsman of the bamboo pole,Got a family’s pour,Deep sword method,That is fast!As long as the sword is enough,Others are floating clouds。“Swordsman,One person is enemy,Nothing。”Bamboo pole imitates high-strength tone,Lost Lu Nago。“gentlemen,My master is called,this way please,this way please。”Lu Na said awkwardly,He feels that the other party should not deliberatelyX,But……Birth is so born。This kind of person,If you have,Be sure to hit him to teach him to be a person。If you don’t play……Then when there is anything.,Why bother is it?。obviously,Bamboo pole this kind of person,It is Lu Nab to fight,At least now。One-on-one,He is definitely not an opponent,Find a backstage,Bamboo pole in the background of Gao Bo Yi,Do you want Wang Lin to fight with Gao Bao??“correct,How is Wang Yadong considered??”Bamboo pole seems casual as asked,It may also be true,Just Lu Nai is completely impossible。“I don’t know this.,I saw my owner’s public.。”The two came to Wang Lin’s house.,Come to Wang Lin’s study,The rivers and lakes that control Jingjing,At this moment, I have been sitting on the table on one side waiting for bamboo.。Luner stands next to it,Don’t leave the sword handle of bamboo poles at all times,It’s because this sword is superb.,He is afraid that Wang Lin is assassinated by the other party.。“I have considered a few days.,Gao Cairo said things,I am also very recognized.,It’s just that Qi State is not a higher governor.,Write a letter under,I hope that Mr. will bring back to Gao Cairo.,Concrete arrangement。”Wang Lin said very vague,But listen to that meaning,It seems that Huainan, the town is not excluded,Just have some worry on the road.。“Then in the speech。”Bamboo pole takes bamboo tube hanging on the waist,Turn away,Not stay。
NS1076chapter ready(1)
Time suddenly arrived in May,Spring blossom,Wind blowing willow,Perturbation,I just want to lying on the grass.。
Changan suburbs,Organizing a game“field”,This is the exclusive sports belonging to the nobles.,Once expand,All the people must retreat,Very quite horizontal。
Apart from this,Yu Yu also put this field as“Military exercises”Preord,Look at your own soldiers,How to level。
Temporary wooden high platform,The North Zhou Emperor Yuzhao is watching Qi Wang Yuxian’s Wang Hao.,Um,That is the Turkic Princess, A Shi Naz,Wearing a fire red taking,Horse ride。