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Demystifying the health of the most beautiful women in the world

Demystifying the health of the most beautiful women in the world

Sophia Roland, who is over 60 years old, is still shining, how did she overcome the time as a natural enemy of women?

At the International Model Miss International Competition in Paris, Sofia Roland, a judge, revealed to the media the secrets of her three health regimens.

  Drink plenty of water and stick to 2 liters of mineral water per second per day.

Sophia Loren believes that drinking more water can maintain skin elasticity and can also be used to “flush” the kidneys.

At the same time, she drinks 1 cup of yogurt a day, with a spoonful of beer yeast.

This highly effective nutrient protects the skin and ensures that the hair stays shiny.

  Fasting detox eats a pineapple every two days, because the enzymes contained in the pineapple can promote metabolism and keep the body slim.

Fasting for 2 days every 3 months, eating only fresh fruit and drinking sugar-free juice twice or more.

This can compress the “cleansing” of the digestive system and enhance the resistance.

  Forever optimistic Sophia Loren exercises 10 minutes of dumbbells every day, open the window during exercise to keep the air fresh.

Spray with cold water after exercise to tighten muscles and promote obesity.

In addition, the dream of the future, full of enthusiasm for all new things, happy and open-minded life is also the secret of Sofia Roland’s victory over time.