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How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

At present, more and more people in the world are choosing vegetarian food.

Telling others that they are vegetarians seems to be a very fashionable thing.

According to statistics, about 5% to 9% of American adults are vegetarians.

In addition, the retail sales of vegetarian foods in the United States have also increased significantly by 20%-40% per year.

The reason for vegetarianism is that in addition to religion, environmental protection, and weight loss, what most people admire is health.

  Since ancient times, people have been convinced that vegetarian diet is healthy and healthy.

Following the ancient traditions of China, people should not excessively pursue a strong and thick diet, and “easy and bleak” is the basic principle of health.

“Lv’s Spring and Autumn”‘s “Heavy Self” article pointed out that people who are good at maintaining health are “not cherished by the public,” because “the taste of Zhongzhen is filled by the stomach, the stomach is full of nausea, and the boring is not good.”Zhongzhen “mainly refers to animal food such as fish, birds, and beasts.

  What is vegetarian food?

Vegetarian food mainly refers to the eating habits of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds and nuts.

  Regarding the question of whether or not to be vegetarian, the American Dietetic Association has published their views that vegetarian diet is healthy.

Because a large number of studies of vegetarians in the United States have shown that they are significantly lower than those of meat eaters in cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, diabetes, colon cancer and hypertension.

The main reason for this result is that vegetarian diet increases the body’s absorption of plant fiber and recombination, reduces the absorption of completely trace, saturated traces, calcium carbonate, and improves the metabolic process of vegetarians.

  In addition, vegetarianism does not mean that the body is thin.

Many studies have confirmed that vegetarians are stronger, more agile and endurable than meat eaters.

Dr. Irving Fisher of Yale University of the United States has convened 32 vegetarians and 15 non-vegetarians to participate in the arm training test. It was found that only 2 of the non-vegetarians raised their arms for more than 15 minutes, and 22 of the vegetarians.Exceed this standard.

  People who are vegetarian are often not easily fatigued.

This is because normal body fluids are weakly alkaline, and aunts, proteins, etc. in meat are decomposed to produce acidic substances, which stimulate human tissues and organs and are easily tired.

However, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline foods, which helps maintain the body’s pH balance and eliminate fatigue.

  However, nutritionists also reminded that you should not be considered vegetarian to be able to achieve weight loss goals.

Many fruits in vegetarian foods have higher sugar content, while nuts are high-micro foods. If you eat them, they will make you fat.

  It is acceptable to be vegetarian in a step-by-step manner.

Because beans, eggs, and milk provide enough high-quality protein, they also contain other vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Even if you don’t eat meat, you can achieve the desired balance.

However, a narrow vegetarian diet can lead to undernutrition, which can lead to metabolic disorders and a series of diseases.

Studies have shown that lack of a nutrient will lead to a disease, such as vitamin C deficiency leading to scurvy, essential fatty acid deficiency leading to dermatitis, iodine deficiency leading to goiter, and the vegetarian diet is not enough to eat the staple food,Eventually it will lead to insufficient energy, and in the long run there may be anorexia.

  The most important thing for vegetarians to pay attention to is nutritional balance.

American medical scientists point out that simple vegetarian diets can not obtain vitamin B12, which can only be obtained from foraging, which can lead to adverse effects such as memory loss.

Ms. Sharon said that her doctor did not support her to completely reject the blasphemy. She believed that only by adhering to the principle of eating and drinking would make nutrition more comprehensive.

If you choose a vegetarian diet, you should take regular body nutrition tests and take some necessary supplements.

  In addition, nutritionists should remind vegetarians that they should eat more unprocessed or unrefined cereals.

For newcomers who want to join the vegetarian team, the transformation process should be gradual and gradually reduce the meat to prevent malnutrition.

  At the International Vegetarian Recipe Conference in November 1997, Professor Klinburg of Cornell University announced a “Vegetable Recipe for Pyramids”.

This is a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet that helps people reduce the chances of contracting many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and some chronic degeneration.

  “Pyramid-style vegetarian recipes” definitely require a variety of basic foods for each meal, namely the pyramids, including: fruits, vegetables, cereals, oats, wheat, rye, barley, noodles, flour andcorn.

In the middle layer, you also need to eat every day, including: fruit, seeds, protein, dairy products, soy cheese, milk and vegetable oil.

The tip of the top is some “not necessary” food, which can be eaten in small quantities, such as eggs and desserts.

  In addition to eating according to the above recipes, you also need to do the right amount of exercise and drink plenty of water every day.