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Researcher of the Northeast Geography and Agricultural Ecology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

People’s Daily: At present, what kind of protective farming model is mainly used by the Chinese and Western Jilin Province? How do these modes adapt to local production development? Guan Xin: There are two typical soil ecological types in the western Jilin, one is the soil ecological area of ??the wind, one is the soil area of ??salt-alkali area, and there is still a common feature in the western region, which is small rainfall, rainfall at 300 ~ 450. Mm, but the evaporation is large.

Therefore, the area of ??the area is from straw covering ground freely or straw to cover another farm, which can effectively control the wind erosion, improve soil fertility; the area is low-lying saline, the land is hard, the water is poor, the type of soil should be Straw covers no-tillage or straw covering ridge, combined with profound technology, can gradually reduce the alkaline and improve soil structure, enhance soil water storage capacity, and improve crop yield. The rainfall in central Jilin is about 500 mm, high yield, more than 600-750 kg per mu.

The region is the wind erosion overlay area, the amount of straw is large, the output is high, and the quality of the sowing quality is high. It can be used to cover no-tillage technology, straw cover strip farming technology, and can synchronize soil protection and high-yield efficiency goals. .

People’s Network: How to promote the use of deep-cultivated and deep overturned cultivated technologies in a comprehensive promotion of protective farming? Guan Xin: Protective farming technology is soil protection and utilization technology that is mainly characterized by straw coverage, and is the most widely used black soil protection technology in the world.

The soil, soil-bonded block, soil, soil, soil, such as the soil or the soil, and the soil such as saline earth, white lachee. In the promotion of protective cultivation, it is necessary to support the use of deep practices.

For a plot of continuously covering still five years, it can be considered once. For plots that use straw cover strip farming technology, due to alternating farming, it is not necessary to consider deep overturning a few years.

People’s Network: In order to get out of the road to the black soil of the development and protection, the next step will strengthen the technological innovation research? Guan Xin: The road to the treatment of black soil protection and utilization is on the one hand to prevent wind erosion, so that the surface-level fertile soil is no longer lost, on the other hand, the soil organic matter is returned, and the excessive decomposition of soil has gradually improved soil fertility. Protective farming technology is the core technology of soil protection and utilization, has passed throughout the world’s 60 years of theoretical research and practice. In order to further promote the promotion and application of protective farming technology in Northeast black soil, for the current actual problems, first, in the intelligent automatic precision, high-speed free-tillage planting machine, supporting combined harvester, supporting high-performance strip tillage machine, deep On the machine, strengthen the technical research, provide equipment support for the promotion of protective farming technology; secondly, corresponding to high-yield districts, low illegal districts, low illegal districts, carry out appropriate protective farming technology models; Finally, for different ecosystems, research and development areas The comprehensive technical system of protective farming, providing system solutions for technical promotion. (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Share more people to see.