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Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center project is about to be put into use

Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center Building. China Construction deployment for Figure September, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center project construction site a busy scene. It is reported that the project is organized by Chengdu High-tech Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu High-Power Co., Ltd. The project department optimizes the refinement of construction operations through reasonable compression periods, and the project progress remains steadily. At present, it is basically completed and the final debugger is underway. The project is expected to be delivered to relevant units before September 30. After the project is completed, the service window of the high-tech zone will be unified, realize the goal of the "all things" of the high-tech zone "into a door office" to solve the problem of "multi-head". Chengdu High-tech Zone Government Affairs Center is located in the F6 plot of Dawan Commercial Core, high-tech Zone, one kilometer from Tianfu Avenue, located in Yizhou Avenue and Tianfu 2nd Street intersection. Southern China Mobile Office Building, the surcharge of merchants, the window of the east side, the north side adjacent to Yizhou primary school, kindergarten and supporting community. The total area of ??the project is approximately mu. The construction area is about 10,000 square meters. The daily annual reception volume will reach more than 11,300, and it is built to use, which greatly improves the efficiency of government affairs. Entering the atrium, more than 30 meters of lighting ceiling design blurred indoors and outdoor boundaries, the light effect is natural, so that the space is more atmospheric. The ground is made of color PVC spella, and the flexible material hides footsteps, and the comfortable walking experience is given.

According to Zhang Liangwei, the project manager of the Government Service Center, the project planning layout is a layer of underground and one layer to six floors on the ground. It is further enhanced by the interactive sunset plus sightseeing elevator to solve the problem of "up and down" problems in the masses, and further enhance service efficiency.

2 to 4 Floor Window Service Area Customized Design Differential Functions, China Construction Southwest Design Institute, according to the design concept of "longitudinal functional layering, horizontal function block", according to the difference in the subject, according to each of the business sections, the topic color Distinguish, using yellow, green, blue as the main tone, concise and warm color match, makes the masses have a good job, and the vision is more open.

"The whole government service center has both ‘artificial one-on-one’ interactive service, and has a fully automatic 24-hour electronic service, which does not fight for the people." Zhang Liangwei said that the center is the whole southwest a total intelligent intelligent wisdom building. System, in terms of smart building, high-tech district government affairs center revolves around the "Intelligent Foundation, Green Health, Future Technology", created "Wan I Zhilian, Heart", to empower wisdom.

"The window is distributed, all use interactive experiences, all service windows, and consultation have no glass to make a partition, let the account staff communicate unimped to the masses." Zhang Liangwei said, the government affairs center set a seating area, giving the masses the most comfortable experience .

"We practice green and environmentally friendly decoration concepts. In the second week after the decoration, we did air testing for all rooms and points, all showed qualified. At the same time, we and Tsinghua University jointly developed a project Air detectors can monitor formaldehyde pollution during decoration in real time.

"Zhang Liangwei said.

With the completion of the project finishing, Chengdu High-tech Zone Government Affairs Center will become a new business card in Chengdu in the government affairs center.

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