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20 easy mistakes everyday beauty


20 easy mistakes everyday beauty

Sometimes the effect of skin care is not obvious, and many times it is due to improper skin care.

Improper skin care will always give up the past, and severe cases are more likely to cause disfigurement.

Take a look at these 20 common cosmetic mistakes and see which ones you have made?


hzh {display: none; }  1.This brand is so expensive that it should not be suitable for my young skin. “I use such an expensive product now, what can I use when I get older?” Many people have such concerns.

In fact, good quality products will only add points to the skin and will not make the skin tolerant.

The price is not directly proportional to age. It can only be said that because some products are more expensive, people who are able to consume are relatively older, and their economic strength may be better.

Most high-end makeup brands have different product lines to suit different age consumer groups.

Some brands of products can be used by even small children, of course, in the case of spending power.

  Sometimes the effect of skin care is not obvious, and many times it is due to improper skin care.
Improper skin care will always give up the past, and severe cases are more likely to cause disfigurement.

Take a look at these 20 common cosmetic mistakes and see which ones you have made?


Always compare skin with others, the more the result, the less confident I am. This is the biggest beauty misunderstanding.

  Many people often say, “I eat the same hot pot, why do I get acne and she doesn’t?

“Or” She never used expensive cosmetics. Why is the skin better than me? ”

“. In fact, skin care experts tell us that more than 70% of skin conditions are genetic.

Everyone’s innate conditions are very different, so never compare with others, but compare with yourself.

  As long as your skin is better than yesterday or you are younger than yesterday, you are successful.


All the cosmetics are put in the refrigerator. I heard my colleague ask me, “I stored the night cream in the refrigerator some time ago. I took it out yesterday and saw how the oil and water separated?

“This is a problem that many people don’t understand.

  In fact, many cosmetics cannot be placed in the refrigerator. Some products containing oil may be separated from oil and water due to refrigeration, and many products containing active ingredients may lose their activity due to refrigeration . Generally speaking, oil-free condensation orThe mask and lotion can be used after refrigerated to cool the skin in summer.

  But the specific situation is best to consult clearly when buying the product.


My skin is prone to oiliness, so I never heard oily products in summer.

  In fact, the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film is formed by the balance of “water” and “fat”. When it loses its balance, it will appear “dry” or “oily” skin problems.

  When the skin gradually matures, the skin’s natural moisture and oil content will decrease. If the oil content is not replenished, it may cause skin nutrition and nutrition to appear wrinkles and dullness.

  So if your skin is already showing signs of aging, it is best to add some oily cosmetics to your skin every day while controlling your oil (of course, it is obviously easy to absorb non-greasy) to ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrition to resist aging.


Cleansing products are not as important as cream products. In order to save costs and choose lower quality because of budget or other reasons, we usually ignore the quality of cleansing products, which is moderately counterproductive, which not only increases skin care costs but also hurts the skin.

  Generally, poor-quality cleansing products will destroy the skin’s PH value, and the damage caused by it will require about 1/3 of the cream to be recovered.

Cause more than worth it!


The eye cream absorbs thickly on the wrinkles or fine lines of the eyes.

hzh {display: none; }  相对来说眼霜的滋润度、延展性都比较高,因此用量不用很大,大概在一个绿豆粒大小.

This is why almost all brands of eye cream contain about 15ml.
  In addition, the eyelid skin is not abnormal, and it is difficult to absorb skin care products. If you apply too much eye cream on the eyelids, it will not only easily stimulate the eyes, but also block the pores around the eyes and form oil particles.more obvious.

That finger is convenient to apply eye cream with that finger. The skin around the eyes is 5 times thinner than the facial skin, so it is more fragile.

And most people are accustomed to using the index or middle finger when applying eye cream. Their strength is a burden on the delicate eye skin, which has caused the fine lines to be more obvious due to pulling, and also stimulated melanin deposition to cause indirect blackness.eye socket.
  The correct method is to apply an appropriate amount of eye cream to the periphery of the upper and lower eyelids with the ring finger, apply it from the inside to the outside or at the point, or gently apply it to the bones of the eyes.


The sun has never been without sunscreen products. The sun protection process of the most vulnerable skin around the eyes is often ignored. A look at the sun spots around many people can prove this.

  There are also people who apply facial skin cancer products directly to the eyes. It is not known that facial products containing SPF sun protection index are overwhelming to the skin of the eyes. After application, it may cause great discomfort and even sensitivity.

  A pair of sunglasses, good sunscreen eye cream, and concealer that can be used on the eyes can be used as sunscreen for the eyes.


To avoid oily skin, wash your face continuously throughout the day, often using oil-absorbing paper. Oily mixed skin usually has abnormal oil secretion, and the sebaceous glands are too active, especially in hot, gradual, and sultry summers.。
  Therefore, it should not be stimulated excessively. Changing face washing, oil absorption, etc. will make the sebaceous glands, which are already very strong, secrete more vigorously, and the PH of the skin will be destroyed. The more it squeezes, the more it sucks.

  You should choose the right balance of oil products, preferably a series, from cleansing to masks to daily care products, rather than simply choosing oil control products.


Frequent acne squeezing with hands or going to a beauty salon or squeezing is indeed a pleasure. Although it works immediately, it is not a cure for the root cause, because you will find that “strawberry nose” is coming back soon.

  This is not wise and will cause more harm.

The irritation caused by improper application of force, the generation of facial blisters, and the harm to more innocent cells are not worth the damage.

  Try to avoid touching the face consciously or unconsciously, the bacteria of the hand will increase the inflammation.


Use medicinal products as skin care products. Medication-type products such as ointments that can cure acne cannot be used continuously. Although it can alleviate severe acne or acne to a certain extent, long-term use causes skin degeneration, and many ointmentsContaining trace hormones, long-term use will cause damage to skin barrier function.

  In addition, the efficacy of general medicinal products is relatively simple. It can only address certain problems and cannot take care of skin, such as hydration, anti-wrinkle and other aspects. Therefore, it is recommended to use medicinal products in stages. After the symptoms are relieved, other seasonal products should be replaced.use.

  In addition, you should pay more attention to your diet. In addition to the spicy foods often mentioned, drink less coffee, eat less tomatoes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables that irritate the skin earlier.