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Sleep drooling alert to disease signals

Sleep drooling alert to disease signals

Drooling in adults may be the signal of some diseases.

Poor oral hygiene: The temperature and humidity in the mouth are most suitable for the reproduction of bacteria, the accumulation of food residues or sugars in the teeth and teeth, and prone to dental caries and periodontal disease. These bad factors are irritating and can cause flow during sleep.Drool.

  Neuromodulation disorders: The regulation of salivary secretion is completely neuroreflexive. The so-called “Wangmei quenches thirst” is an example of conditioned reflex salivation in daily life.

Some patients with neurofibrosis or other systemic diseases that may cause vegetative nerve disorders may also experience parasympathetic nerve excitement while sleeping, causing the brain to send the wrong signal and increase saliva secretion.

So neurological disturbances can also cause drooling while sleeping.

  May be improper sleeping posture.

Like lying on the table and sleeping on the side, it is easy to cause drooling.

  Chinese medicine believes that the body is deficient in kidneys and qi, among which the yang deficiency.

The so-called “yang” refers to the functional state of the body.

People with yang deficiency have insufficient muscle elasticity and are easy to relax. Therefore, after falling asleep, they will open their mouths and form drool.

  The causes of drooling in sleeping adults can be roughly divided into the following.

  Oral inflammation.

Oral inflammation can promote salivation, cause pain, and cause drooling.

Symptoms usually go away after treatment.

  Facial neuritis.

After your face is cold, drooling may occur after a hair dryer or a cold.

Such patients are also accompanied by symptoms such as inadequate closed eyes, skewed mouth corners, etc., and should be treated early.

  Overuse your brain.

When people use the brain excessively, become extremely tired and take certain drugs, it will cause the autonomic nervous system disorder of the body. When sleeping, the brain will send the wrong signal and cause drool.

In this case, take more rest to avoid other diseases caused by decreased immunity.

  Stroke aura.

If you drool after falling asleep, and smile in the mirror after waking up in the morning, you will find symptoms such as skewed corners or headaches, which means a stroke interaction.

The patient must not be taken lightly in this case and should seek medical attention immediately.


Arteriosclerosis can cause brain and muscle contraction, hypoxia, skin skin muscle relaxation, and weakened swallowing ability in the elderly, which can cause drooling during sleep.

Even if there are no symptoms such as skewed corners and tight eyes, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

  If you often drool during sleep, it is best to pay more attention to your body and adjust in time.

On weekdays, you can take more traditional Chinese medicine tonic to strengthen the spleen and kidney, such as lotus seed, Zhishi and Huaishan medicine.