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These are not important to Xia Chenglong,The important thing is the three things he needs to do next。

First let the people in the guild hate him completely,Then become their enemy。
Second, show sufficient ability,Successfully attracted the attention of the butcher,After all, it is impossible for people to collect a waste。
Third, show enough goodwill for the butcher,It’s better to help the Tujia win in a certain battle。
So the next thing is very simple,Two words,“plunder”。
After clarifying the situation,Xia Chenglong’s figure disappeared among the shadows of the trees,The abbot he marched didn’t directly penetrate deep,But move to one side。
At this rate,Those guys can never move too fast,Most should be outside,As for the unlucky ghosts,It depends on the joke。
Warrior Association?
Xia Chenglong stood between the canopies in the distance,Looking at the group of people in front of them who are fighting with the rat,They have the emblem of the Warrior Association on their chests。
Chairman Liu……
Xia Chenglong always remembered,As the murderer of Ye Ziqi,That’s one of his must kill list,If it’s not the time,He already started。
So I have no interest in these people,Only interested in what they face。
He wants to show a good impression of Tujia,But you can’t get too close,This will definitely attract their attention,After all, his identity is not very clean。
How to eliminate this grievance,The best way is to cover both rain and dew!