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“Willing to serve the Lord!”

“Willing to serve the Lord!”The dignitaries all around screamed,I’m afraid my voice is lower than others。
At this moment,The patriarch of Miaomei raised his head again,Said with a smile:“Lord,Our Miao Mei family is willing to donate half of the shares of the family business,And then take out 30 million dollars in profit every year,To worship the Lord。”
This remark,Everyone present shouted cunningly,The brains of this old Miao Mei turned extremely fast,He said so,Bring out real money to befriend the venerable,It’s half a step ahead of everyone else。
“I heard that His Holiness has business on Hong Kong Island and Mainland China,My daughter Devi is a top student with a degree in finance from Princeton University.,She can stay on Hong Kong Island to take care of the business。”The next sentence from Chief Miaomei,Suddenly the dignitaries who were present rounded their eyes。
Everyone thought,This old thing is too smart,Not only give away real money,Even my daughter sent it out!He left his daughter on Hong Kong Island,Equivalent to protons,Just to let the Venerable feel at ease and drive,More trust in the Miao Mei family。
Chapter six hundred and seventy three Rise from the ashes
Yelled immediately in the crowd:“The Lord is on,My son graduated from Oxford University,Business management is very good at,I hope to stay with the Venerable,To imitate dogs and horses。”
“My Kongsi family,Willing to invest 100 million US dollars every year,To help the great cause。Please also thank you!”There is another bold and powerful voice。
Don’t look at Myanmar as a small country with few people,But these powerful and powerful are all rich and rich,Their children are all educated from world-renowned schools,Every elite,And they are all family monopolies,Occupy national resources,Profits are also huge。
Lu Menglin heard the endless stream of pleasing voices,Can’t help but be a little funny。
Actually it’s the same in every country,These so-called big families,All are big worms that suck Minzhimin’s ointment,Monopoly resources,Capital exploitation,So we can be rich。
but,Lu Menglin did not have the energy to change these solidified classes and vested interests。
“Chief Miao Mei,Not so polite!My business on Hong Kong Island does not currently require that much capital,I don’t need your worship for the time being。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“How does this work?This is our intention!Please be sure to accept,You are our patron saint,Enshrine you should be。”The Miaomei clan grew up in shock and said。