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Qin Feng packed up,Did not drive your own car,But stop a taxi,Came to the Jinhua Hotel where Sister Qin is。

(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Four Unreconcilable hatred
Follow the house number Jiang Yan told me,Qin Fengzai301Doorway,Knocked a few times。
“Who?”Qin Feng heard Sister Qin’s voice。
“it’s me,Qin Feng。”
Sister Qin heard it was Qin Feng,Ran over immediately and opened the door of the room,After seeing Qin Feng,Sister Qin who has always been strong and doesn’t cry,Finally can’t help it,Lying on Qin Feng and crying。
“okay,do not Cry,Talk about what happened?I cry when you see,Still in the hotel,People who don’t know thought I was bullying you。”Qin Feng patted Sister Qin,Speak lightly。
“I do not know either,We had a colleague last night,Finish filming the last episode of the TV series,Just finished so last night,She invited everyone out for dinner,Yuxin said he was unwell,Didn’t go。”
“I drank too much last night and it was too late and I didn’t come back,But I came back with breakfast this morning,But found that Yuxin was gone,Not long after,The kidnapper called,He said that he would be given 2 billion yuan in three days。”Sister Qin cried and said。
“Fucking,Two billion?You promised him?”Qin Feng continued。
“not yet,I just said i try,I guess the kidnapper will have to call。”Talking about the hotel phone rang again。