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Luo Xing’s fist is empty!

“Hey,Where are you looking?”
The voice of fuming sounded behind Luo Xing,Luo Xing’s hair exploded,Hit back,But still air!
“Long Yu Yahuang!!”
Everyone looks up,Inciting Lei Yi’s fate,A phantom Thunder Dragon appeared behind him,Right fist thunder cohesion,A Thunder Dragon swoops down,Carry endless power!
Luo Xing looks at the approaching Thunder Dragon,Hastily condensed a soil escape,It’s a pity that it doesn’t do anything。
A loud explosion,And Luo Xing’s endless screams in the court,Filled everyone’s mind!
Fu Ming incited Thunder Wing to land slowly,Walk towards the center of the explosion,There is still current running around,Luo Xing was lying in the middle of the ring with blood on his face,Lost eyesight。
“Can’t help but hit!”
Fuming has been merciful just now,But I still have to teach this guy a lesson,Who made him entangle Lingxi!
(Chapter 83 Near the last point, I added something,But it doesn’t hurt。)
Chapter Eighty Nine:Visit by Chen Mo,Ringo
Everyone looked at the fuming in the field with a blind face,I can’t believe this result,A veteran student was beaten by a new student,And it is unilaterally crushed!
“Who of you call him the rescue team,Let’s go first!”
Fu Ming took Ling Xi and left here,Bai Ai glanced at Luo Xing who was taken away with a smile,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Leave together。
“Luo Xing was killed in an instant?”