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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Grand Movie Remnivation Intraced Intraced 2022 Spring Festival

  National IP "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" "New Grand Movie" Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf "Future" During the 20022 New Year, I published "We came back" and posters today. As a generation of classics, from 2005 to 2021, as the "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", as a childhood, a generation of childhood memories, and the animated film works in China’s first box office. In the past 16, there was a birthday scene in the past 16 years, transforming into precious childhood memories, and quenching for growth, always accompanied us to continue. Finally, in seven years, in the expectation and call of countless people, our familiar old friends finally came back! Do you have a good friend who knows more than 10 years? Have you ever seen "Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf"? You have walked with your childhood and old friends, and unconsciously, our and the Pleasant and Gray Wolf also met for 16 years. With a strong emotion, today "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" The future "big movie released" We came back "notice, and set up the first year of the year of the New Year in 2022.

The classic picture and lines in the preview are presented in one by one: "You can’t run", "Big Big Wolf, you are surrounded by us", "I will be back", full of memories of killing tears. And the story is no longer the past wolf sheep. The opponent is now in parallel with partners, a total group of "Guardian Team", full-ended blood story, new exposure character image, and a comprehensive upgrade of beautiful paintings are new movies to us. Surprise.

The coolen is hidden, and the intensity of the battle will bring up the upgrade of countless strength in familiarity.

This is the sports competition we have never seen before, and it has never been used in the Pleasant Sheep Series.

  In the movie poster of synchronous release, the sheep and the gray wolf are in the guardian team, and the prosperous city is very confident. The city streets behind the city are gorgeous, vaguely visible "City Basketball Cup" eye reveals the tension to open, and the TV screen in the distance is playing the fierce scene of everyone’s work.

Everything is ready to go, the curtain of the new journey is about to open.

  As a receiving 90, the national IP of childhood recalls, the birth of 16 years of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" is no longer a simple animation series, but a generation of emotional imprints and youth symbol.

No matter how long it has, as long as you have a familiar role in front of you, the familiar melody is rampted, and the thoughts can take the time to fly back to the green grassland, and the story and emotions have long been lingering.

The new movie is scheduled for 2022, and the new topic of the whole platform. The netizens have been surprised in the return of the big movie. Pick up my Chinese New Year’s ceremony "," Friends like a long time have come back "and finally come back."

  As time, we gradually grow into adults, and they are actually quietly growing inadvertently. Whether it is a new movie more "teenager" image style, or the courage and toughness of unlocking basketball skills, we grow together in each other, try to illuminate.

Everything is persistent, all love. After growing up, then look at the woolen and sheep, we also look forward to "less than the same" Pleasant and Big Big Wolf, which can bring us as moving and power. Animated movie "The basket of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" will be released in the national year of 2022, so stay tuned.