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Qinghai electronic driver’s license operation process can be interpreted by more than 570,000 people in bilingual

Zhongxin Net Xining November 13 (Qihaoxai) reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department on the 13th that some drivers in Qinghai Province did not speak Chinese, they could not follow the Chinese character operation of the "traffic control 12123" app. Electronic driver’s license The actual problems, the public security traffic control departments of Haobei, Haixi, and the actual, innovative work methods, arrange special personnel production, Mongolian publicity video and electronic driving license application operating instructions, through the network platform, broadcasted, and fully Using the "two educational" venues, the driver is concentrated, and the vast driving personnel will be successfully applied and used the electronic driver’s license. At present, the driver’s license has covered 8 municipalities, states in Qinghai Province, and is widely concerned from the people and generally welcome. As of 12 November, 574,599 drivers have applied electronic driver licenses, and 496,679 drivers have been successful. Since October 20, 202, Qinghai Province is based on the first promotion application in the country, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, formally promotion application electronic driver’s license, the provincial public security traffic management department provides the vast driving person Online "bright card" "bright code" service.

The electronic version of the driver’s license has further expanded the "Internet + Traffic Management" service, and simplifies the procedures for procedures, enhances the convenience of documents, which is conducive to deepening the "venting service" reform of the public security traffic, and further expands the coverage of convenient and civilian measures.

According to reports, in order to ensure the smooth promotion of motor vehicle driving licenses in Qinghai Province, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Police Corps guides the province’s public security traffic control departments to implement people, equipment, systems and other guarantees, and organize relevant personnel to apply for electronic driving license The workflow and requirements are explained in detail, ensuring that business staff is familiar with the mastery, accurately interpret the electronic driver’s license application, and to make a timely reply, timely resolve, and timely handle. The public security traffic control departments in accordance with the general team deployed and combined with local actual development of work, and organized business personnel in advance, took measures such as rotation, delay, and elastic working system, and real-time auditing electronic driver’s license application information, improve audit speed quality, and ensure The business is reviewed in time, timely, avoiding problems such as business backlog, long wait time.